After a Air Box Mod install my bike is in the rev limiter before it hits the red?

Original Question: Do I just have to pull the flap out of my air box for the air box mod or do I have to cut the tunnel out where the flap was? And also my bike is in the rev limiter before it hits the red can I get some info on this also?



Please see our installation instructions area for more information on how to perform your air box mod.

First, we recommend replacing your spark plugs and removing any aftermarket devices which could be creating ignition problems (aftermarket kill switches, air shifter, engine kills, Power Commander, etc.).

If your problem still exists: Unfortunately, about the only way for your bike to get the rev limiter before the red area on the tach is for the intake cam to be in the wrong position compared to the cam position sensor. If your engine is stock, you may have jumped cam timing? This can lead to a catastrophic engine failure. If your engine is modified, your intake cam may have been degreed higher than 107-108. The further above these numbers you rise, the sooner the false rev limiter will activate. Either of these instances should be checked out by a professional as soon as possible.