Alien Head vs. Sidewinder

Original Question: I am trying to choose between the Brock’s Alien Head full system or a sidewinder. My bike has a stock motor, but in the future, it will be built. I was wondering which exhaust would be the best for a stock motor, but I also want to use the same exhaust when I get the engine built. I want the right exhaust that is going to get me peak performance.



Both of those exhausts will be excellent for a stock or built motor.

The advantages of the sidewinder are; in conjunction with a low profile oil pan you can get added ground clearance to lower the bike more, also once the motor is built you have the option of removing the baffle which on built motors a lot of times will get you a few extra horsepower.

The disadvantage to the sidewinder is if you do any street riding, you will lose some right-hand cornering clearance. You have to be careful when turning right. I would probably stick with the alien head if you do much street riding, or perhaps go with the short meg. The short meg doesn’t limit your right-hand cornering clearance and still gives you the option to remove your baffle. Here is a link to it on our website. It is short just like the alien head, the only difference is the shape of the muffler.