Bike runs poor on Newly Installed ECU Flash?

Original Question: I have a Kawasaki Ninja H2, I purchased your ECU flash. I installed the ECU back on the bike and now the bike runs poor and all the lights on my dash are lit up also. Did I get a bad ECU Flash?

Check the connectors that go to your regulator/rectifier. Which is located on the left side fairing. When reinstalling your fairings you may have not connected the connectors completely, this could cause your bike to run into issues. Disconnect the plugs on your regulator/rectifier and reconnect them, make sure you hear a “click” on each one so you know it is connected properly.

We have the service manual available, see link below. In the service manual refer to 16-30 to 16-32 showing the removal and installation of the regulator/rectifier.

Download Kawasaki Ninja H2 Service Manual