Can I expect horsepower gains from switching the Penta-Carbon?

YES! Switching to any Brock’s Performance full exhaust will provide significant power gains.

That said when comparing the Penta-Carbon gains to other Brock’s Performance exhausts, it’s important to realize…

The section of a full exhaust that is responsible for true power gains is 95% the work of the head pipes. AKA: the part hidden under your fairings that you can’t see.

The muffler’s primary duty, AKA: the part you can see, is to improve the look, sound, and attitude of the machine.

The Penta-Carbon is an evolution of our best selling Alien Head exhaust.  They share the same front section with the Alien Head. This means that any performance gains (dyno or track) the Alien Head can deliver, the Penta-Carbon will also deliver. Some small gains in power can be noticed as a result of improved manufacturing techniques utilized in Penta-Carbon – (around 1% in stock motor applications) as a result of increased flow, with improvements increasing as HP levels increase.

The Penta-Carbon offers a full flowing 2.25 inch (57.15 mm)  I.D. muffler. Noticeable power increases can be had by replacing a Slash Cut muffler (reverse taper from 2.25 inch to 2.00 inch (50.8mm) with a Penta-Carbon muffler in most high power applications.