Do I need a PCV, ECU flash, or BOTH when installing a Brock’s Performance Exhaust System?

The answer to that question depends upon the type of exhaust you are using, as well as your level of performance/drivability.

Slip-on exhaust systems: As a general rule, slip-on systems that retain the OEM cat are an ‘install and go’ option as long as you have made no other major changes (removed flies, reflashed ECU, etc…) to your bike. You may run an aftermarket high-performance filter, such as a Sprint Filter P08, with your slip-on without remapping.

Slip-on with ECU flash: If our Stage 1-F BrockFLASH is installed, no PCV is required.

3/4 System or ‘Cat Delete’ exhaust systems: are treated like full exhaust systems.

Full exhaust system with stock ECU: We typically use a PCV with the matching map in all supercharged full-system applications.

Normally aspirated bikes can typically accept our Brock’s Performance full or 3/4 exhaust with no additional mapping required. That said, performance and drivability may suffer. We create maps for all of our exhaust systems that we feel require mapping; contact to see if we have mapping for your bike, or check out the drop downs in the Power Commander PCV for your bike. If you see the option of Street or Track, then we offer mapping.

Full exhaust system with ECU flash: If our Stage 1-F BrockFLASH is installed, no PCV mapping is required.

Full exhaust system with Brock’s Stage 1 ECU Flash: This configuration is specifically developed for use with a PCV. We prefer the use of a Map Selector Switch for the ability to load the Street map and Track map into the PCV, and quickly switch over without the need for a computer. This is sometimes referred to as “savage mode”.

For more information on the Brock’s Performance Map Support System, please click here.