Do I need to physically bring my bike to Brock’s Performance in Ohio for a performance tune?

First… The bad news: Custom tuning for consumers is no longer available at Brock’s Performance as we have moved towards a product-driven model. Brock’s Performance is an R&D facility as of November 2008. Any bikes used in the development processĀ are either company owned, or bikes obtained through our Bikes Wanted program.

Now for the GOOD news! The Brock’s Performance team has developed a modern business model which allows customers from all over the world to experience the advantages of our combined tuning prowess, product selection and vast experience without the need to have the bike on premises. Do-it-yourself types can follow our easy to understand instructions or browse our video library to complete their own install, and experience the personal satisfaction of actually making their bike MUCH smoother and MUCH faster.

We are confident that we can create a combination for you that will read within 2% of our results if your bike was placed on our dyno here at Brock’s all you need to do is follow our instructions exactly.

If you are better at riding than wrenching, use our handy Dealer Locator to find a certified Brock’s dealer near you.

Also, if you feel more confident with a custom tune, use the dealer locator link above to find this service. Either way, Brock’s has you covered.