Does a BrockFLASH lock the ECU?

All modern third party flashing software companies encrypt their maps/processes to prevent tampering. This effectively ‘locks’ the map to the flash company that performs the flash, and even to a combination of the flash company and original purchaser of the flash. (Hackers hate it when other hackers steal their stolen work…)

This means, for instance, that if your ECU (or ECM, same thing…different terminology) is flashed with a Woolich (for instance), we can’t ‘flash over it’ using FTecu or MorDefy software in most cases. In some cases, we can reflash it to stock, and then begin the flash process from stock. This means the original Woolich license and tune will be lost, as well as the ability to convert back to Woolich or tune using their software.

In some cases, the flash is completely locked from being read (not natively readable), many flash service providers will tell you that you must start over with a new or unflashed used ECU if you would like to switch flashing software’s, because it’s not possible to unlicense a flashed ECU. Brock’s Performance refers these customers directly to Guhl Motors for a flash back to stock (our hacker is better than your hacker!). This also means the original license and tune will be lost…but at least the costly expense of a new ECU is not required.