Does Brock’s Performance offer a custom ECU flash service?

Brock’s Performance does not offer a custom flash service.

What we do offer are comprehensive solutions to cure problems, remove mandated restrictions, increase drivability and enhance performance when used in conjunction with other Brock’s Performance components. Any crew chief worth a grain of salt will tell you that true performance gains come from a properly matched group of components working in harmony. No single component addition can honestly obtain stellar results.

We cannot, in good faith, offer a tune for products that we have never tested.

If you have already purchased or fabricated alternate components; an exhaust system for instance – we cannot offer a Stage 1-F BrockFLASH with fuel tune. If you would like to purchase a Stage 1 derestricted BrockFlash and map the bike yourself with PCV (or use a map from ) that’s an option for you.