Have you ever used the OEM launch control on a modern sportbike?

As a professional motorcycle drag racing team, Brock’s Performance does not use OEM launch control at the drag strip for optimum performance… BUT that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t or shouldn’t!

Most ‘control’ systems offered by the OEM’s are typically more safety-related than performance enhancing, which can be a GOOD THING, especially for new riders/drag racers. Wheelie control, launch control, etc… are intrusive systems which interfere with the rider’s ability to maximize the bike’s acceleration. Professionals and skilled sportbike drag racers will not use a system which hampers quick ETs at the strip, but instead elect to hone their riding skills, as well as properly configure the machine for track use… For example, chassis, clutch, suspension, gearing mods, etc…

Some sportsmen, bracket and index class drag racers will use the OEM launch control system to promote consistency in classes where all-out performance is not the goal as in Street ET (dial-in), Street Fighter (9.50 Index), Crazy 8s (8.88 Index). Rookie and novice drag racers can benefit from the enhanced safety and security of these control systems.

If fear of launching or looping your bike is hampering you from going to your local drag strip, by all means, TURN ON your controls and enjoy a day at the track!

Brock’s Performance has customers who began their drag strip careers with a stock bike using these controls, but then gradually turned those controls off to become more talented riders. Remember, Practice…Practice…PRACTICE makes for a skilled rider.

Road racing is an entirely different story, and today’s controls are designed to work very well in this application.

Below is an example of a professional rider, Jeremy Teasley, on a stock wheelbase S1000RR set-up and tuned by Brock’s Performance. (To give you a goal to shoot for 😉 – Brock )