Advantages of a Clutch Cushion Kit.

Original Question: I have a 2012 Zx-10r and have heard of people going through clutches after a few passes at the drag strip. I understand a good prevention measure for this is your clutch mod, heavier springs and / or your cushion kit. I occasionally go to the strip for test and tunes but my bike is mainly for street riding. What extra benefits do you get from the cushion kit over just the clutch mod and upgraded springs? How does it affect daily street riding?

The Clutch Cushion gives a smoother launch from a dead stop, increases static pressure for more MPH, gives rider better feel of what bike is doing during launch, and helps extend clutch life. Cushion will not affect daily riding. We recommend a new gasket but sometimes the gasket can be reused, if not your local dealer would have one.