Can I dump the clutch after installing an Ultra Clutch Mod?

Original Question: I installed your ultra clutch mod and yellow springs. Now, when I am on the line can I just dump it (does it drag or slip by itself and then bite) or do I still have to drag it? Is there more than one way of setting the clutch? I saw something about washers behind the springs? I am running 14-46 gearing and trying to keep the front end down through the end of first. I have a GSX-R1000 that’s lowered and strapped with weights.


Unless you have wheelie bars, you will NEVER be able to simply dump the clutch! We suggest slightly preloading the lever before the launch and then feeding additional clutch as the throttle is screwed on at the same time. Better riders will be able to perform this task quicker than newer riders. The goal is to have the throttle fully pinned and the clutch completely out (without flipping over backwards!) before the 1-2 shift. You may add additional washers to increase the static (clamp) pressure of your clutch. More pressure can lead to quicker ET’s, more MPH and increase clutch life. Caution should be taken to not increase the lever pressure to the point where the bike becomes more difficult to launch due to tire spin or the rider’s ability to properly control the amount of lever pressure.