I notice a huge difference in the Pump Gas Track map fuel added at 100% throttle starting at around 7k rpm’s compared to the other maps. Is this correct?

Yes. This is correct.

In the video linked below, the stock wheelbase Busa in the right lane was used to develop the pump gas street map. See the notes in the video for more details.

On most bikes with dual injectors, the primary injectors turn down to as low as 20% when the secondary injectors take over. Since the PCV is attached to the primary injectors, much larger numbers are required for the same amount of fuel to be delivered at high revs, as opposed to at lower revs. Example:  20% to 50% or more increase in the PCV number in the high rev’s may make very little change in the AFR (Air to Fuel Ratio) on the track or dyno.  But , still be enough to fine tune your bike. In some highly modified applications, a Dynojet secondary fuel module can be used to increase fuel flow much further.