My Suzuki misses and stalls abruptly when I pull the clutch lever in.

Original Question: My Suzuki misses and stalls abruptly when I pull the clutch lever in. Do I need a Map, or is my Power Commander bad?


Short Answer:

First, check the adjustment of you clutch switch ( if adjustable, see your service manual). Especially if you have installed aftermarket levers. The ECU monitors clutch engagement and will throw a fit if the switch is not properly adjusted, or is dirty or worn out. These switches are known to go bad also and will throw a C40 code (random!) if bad.

Tip of the day: $23 at your local Suzuki dealer can prevent a world of frustration, just replace it.

Here is a longer description of some of the symptoms of a bad clutch switch:

Intermittently, my 2007 GSX-R1000’s high coolant temp warning comes up (red light, as well an “FI” alternating with the odo reading every two seconds) even though it’s not nearly at the temperature at which the radiator fan is programmed to kick in–221 degrees. This has happened when the temp reading on the dash was between 170 and 198 degrees. The bike doesn’t die immediately but waits until the clutch is pulled in. It starts back up and runs fine after shutting off the ignition for a couple seconds. Once it starts, it does a cute, little stutter thing at 1500 rpm. With a couple quick twists of the throttle (no more than 4000 rpm worth), it clears out and continues running normally…until the symptoms repeat themselves, usually within the next 10 minutes. In about 60 miles of riding it last night, this cycle happened at different engine and ground speeds, on the freeway and around town.