Slash Cut – Which is Suitable a Track map and Street map?

Original Question: I have the Stage II with Slash Cut for my H2. I am drag racing and want maximum power, I use only pump gas (89 octane). Which map would be more suitable ‘street map’ or ‘track map’?


Ninja H2 owners who request mapping through our Map Support Program receive the following maps:

  • Basic Map Description Ninja H2 (2015)
  • TRACK MAP: For use on the drag strip with ALL private owners information followed (see link below), using oxygenated fuel (MR12, MRX02, Q16 etc)
  • PUMP TRACK MAP: For use on the drag strip (or hot street use) with the (private) information followed, using pump gas (Shell 89 suggested)
  • STREET MAP: For use on the street with (private) information using pump gas (any brand/octane Shell 89 suggested) Designed to enhance low speed drivability and increase fuel mileage at cruising speeds, but still provide the mid-range and top end punch of our track maps.