What is Savage Mode?

“Savage Mode” is a term coined by Brock’s Performance customer and friend, Ib, (aka “650Ib”) to describe his use of the dual map capabilities of a Dynojet PCV using a handlebar mounted map selection switch on his 2016 Ninja H2.

By using the map selection switch, Ib is able to switch from his Brock’s Performance increased drivability street map (which was designed for pump gas use, smooth throttle control, and increased fuel mileage) to his VP MR12 oxygenated race fuel map at any time, without the need of a laptop computer. This map/fuel combination, aka Savage Mode, is worth @15-20 HP gain (weather dependent) on the H2 (:

FYI: Most normally aspirated machines and any machine equipped with a PCV and map switch can be programmed to use dual map capabilities. Busas, ZX-14s, GSX-R1000s, etc… will experience an HP increase of 7-11 RWHP with the addition of this fuel and matching Brock’s Performance ‘Track Map’. Of course, the MR12 map does not help if the bike does not have MR12 fuel in the tank in fact, the machine will slow down.

An example of the use of Savage Mode is when you begin the riding day with a full tank of MR12, with the map switch selecting the MR12 map (let’s say that’s map position #2.) After smacking down your buddies for a couple of hours, it’s time for a fuel stop. Since MR12 is not available out of the pump and non-oxygenated, high-octane fuel out of the pump SLOWS THE BIKE DOWN, you would simply select 93 octane and change your map selector switch to the pump gas map (position #1.) There might be a bit of MR12 left in the tank, but the higher 93 octane (vs. the 89 the map was developed with) will allow the use of the slight blend.

To revert back to Savage Mode, it is best to drain the tank completely and run straight MR12. We suggest the use of our Gas Tapper Siphon to quickly and easily drain the tank (which can be seen via the link below also.)

Note Holding ANY bike at wide open throttle for 25-30 minutes is considered extreme use and requires a special tune for such use, but most ‘smackdowns’ last for a reasonable amount of time and we have H2 customers all over the world who report excellent results using our tested/proven map combinations with no issues. Brock’s Performance also offers special land speed mapping and technical support for extreme use situations, contact MapSupport@BrocksPerformance.com for more details.