What is the best octane for the best fuel MPG? Do you have suggestions to improve my fuel mileage?

Generally, octane rating shouldn’t have much effect on fuel mileage, but it has been our experience that a high quality 87 octane fuel will net better results because it makes slightly more power. Lower octane fuel is easier and quicker to burn in an engine which is designed to operate safely at lower octane levels, because you don’t need to give the bike as much throttle to travel the same speeds. We believe this would explain why you will find some of our customers in the forums proclaiming higher MPG numbers. That said, several factors need to be considered:

  1. The fuel system, intake track, valves, combustion chamber, and pistons must be CLEAN. Most modern sportbikes are very sensitive to poor injector spray patterns as well sludge and varnish buildup in the engine. We have noticed large gains in performance (15 or more horsepower NO KIDDING!) and corresponding increases in mileage for the same power vs. throttle position/consumption concerns as above by using our Wynn’s Power Charge Fuel system treatment (see the link below). It really works! Brock, himself, now swears by the stuff.
  2. Engine friction and rolling resistance can play a large part in your overall fuel mileage. Our technical staff, as well as the private section of our owner’s section, outline areas including Alisyn Oil, Petron Oil Additive, ceramic bearings, reduced friction, drive chain modifications, etc… as all contribute to performance improvements by decreasing resistance. Sometimes how fast your bike is with the throttle OFF ( coast down ) can lead to measurable improvements in mileage!
  3. DO NOT use mileage-killing aftermarket air cleaners – We use Sprint Filter air cleaners for maximum performance and mileage
  4. Proper fuel injection mapping is critical. A ‘street’ map is designed for optimum mileage and drivability exactly what you are looking for. A ‘race’ map is designed for maximum performance (aka MORE fuel consumption which leads to harder acceleration great at the race track, not necessarily the best for setting low fuel consumption records.) Please the Map Support section to obtain the correct map(s) to match your Brock’s Performance exhaust system with your specific riding needs.