What is the best weight Alisyn oil for my application?

The debate on oil (type/weight/viscosity) has raged on for years, and we don’t expect it to end anytime soon.  That said, if we take into consideration that many automobile manufacturers no longer recommend organic oils for their modern engines and have 10K+ mile change intervals using high quality fully synthetic oils as light as 5w-20 (with 0w-20 listed as an acceptable alternative,) you can see why the motorcycle industry is finally catching up in the synthetic oil world.

Please remember, motor oil in your engine can be compared to blood in your body. Problems can become deadly in a hurry. With this in mind, please select wisely and always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations.

As high-performance enthusiasts here at Brock’s Performance, we tend to opt for oils which increase performance and enhance acceleration… because we like to WIN RACES!

We use these general rules when selecting a motor oil for our in-house bikes:

<<0 (less than zero): stock engine/race use/continuous street use (in most climates) — Please check out this testimonial from a customer who has used <<0 Alisyn with Petron + additive for many years.

0W-20: stock engine/hot climate/stock engine with a dry shot of nitrous — An excellent alternative if you are afraid to run the <<0 weight. Please check out this article about how the late Bill Warner cured oil-related failures by switching from 20w-50 weight oil in his 1000 Horsepower turbo Hayabusa land speed bike to Alisyn 0w-20 full synthetic motor oil.

We offer the weights below for those who are in the mindset that ‘thicker is better’ when it comes to oil.

10W-30: normally aspirated (big horsepower) with aftermarket engine components/most nitrous oxide applications

15W-40: nitrous/turbos/stroker

20W-50: turbo/stroker

Alisyn Big Bike Lube: Specially formulated 20W-50 V-Twin oil which can carry the load of a 90W gear oil. It can be used in the primary, transmission & crankcase.

Why add the Petron+? In a word, it’s insurance for your engine. In a perfect world, we would never starve our engines for oil. Unfortunately, wheelies, very hard launches, abrupt deceleration from high speeds, and even an overly-aggressive lean angle (in an attempt to uniformly heat the surface of the rear tire) during burn-outs can all lead to oil starvation. We have trusted Petron + to help prevent engine damage/bearing scuff during these types of events for years. Note: Petron+ contains up to 1.2% Zinc Dithiophosphate.

Special Note about final product weight when adding Petron Plus: It should be noted that Alisyn <<0 combined with Petron Plus additive produces a straight 10 weight (10w) final product (0w-20 +Petron = 10w-30 etc.)

More info on using Petron Plus