Why is there a watery substance in my exhaust pipe?

Original Question: After my ride today I noticed that the end of my exhaust pipe was wet with a very watery substance. Normally it is dry more like soot. I was wondering what could this be caused by?



Here is a list to check in order of likelihood:

1. You may have simply purchased bad fuel. The definition of bad being; a lower oxygen content (from ethanol content evaporating away etc.) or fuel with an excessive amount of water (low fuel level in the underground tank allows excessive moisture levels to be mixed from the ‘trap’ at the bottom). This can occur with no real seat-of-the-pants reduction in performance (sometimes slightly sluggish/soft performance), just an excessively rich fuel mixture. We would suggest draining or running your fuel tank down as low as possible and then purchasing from another source.

2. You may have a dirty injector (s). Dirty injectors can lead to poor spray patterns which do not atomize the fuel properly. Poor patterns may spray unburned fuel droplets in your exhaust. Our test and race information Tells you the quickest way to clean dirty injectors. An aftermarket fuel injector cleaner, such as Wynn’s Power Charge is the quickest way we have found to clean the injectors and fuel system.

3. You may need to replace your spark plugs. Today’s bikes do not require the maintenance of the older machines, so occasionally the spark plugs are forgotten. Replace your plugs.

4. Your Power Commander map may have been corrupted (from the button adjustment etc.) Resubmit a map support request form and we will send you the latest mapping to reload.