Would Brock’s Performance create an ECU flash with ignition timing so aggressive that I would be forced to run race gas all of the time?

Of course not. The Brock’s Performance mission is to understand the constraints placed on the OEM manufacturers and eliminate and/or adjust them to allow your bike to perform its absolute best. Did you know that one trick the OEMs use to lower the noise level of a motorcycle is to dramatically reduce the ignition timing a high rev’s? When we make a statement like “aggressively modified ignition timing”, it’s because we have found out, through many hours of rigorous testing, that the bike responds positively to these adjustments. No one wants to be a slave to race gas; we just want to go ride and have our bike perform at its very best. That said, some of us like to squeeze every last bit of performance out of our machines. For these extreme users, Brock’s also provides fuel injection mapping which allows the user to switch to oxygenated race gas for a measureable increase in horsepower and on-track performance. But this is a choice, not a requirement. Please click on the Map Support tab from our Brock’s Performance home page for more info. on available mapping for your machine.


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