Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Performance Bike Build

What’s the difference between a sportbike and a Harley? One is “cooler” and comfortable to ride and the other: brakes quicker, turns sharper, likes to wheelie, and accelerates much-much quicker.

But what do chicks dig?… You guessed it – cool and comfy wins every time.

Brock and his son Brody introduce you to the latest build and series from Brock’s Performance. Brody purchases a 2006 Dyna FXDI for it’s “life experience” value. While Brock’s first take is “What the hell is this?!” While internally pondering how he can: make it stop, make it turn, and make it get out of its own way. Also trying to keep the project within budget and still ‘life experiency”, for Brody as he learns how to build his first custom bike.

Welcome to the New Adventures of Brody and Brock Playlist, were to object is to have fun and enjoy motorcycles, family-style.

We hope you enjoy: Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Performance Bike Build… #stupidfast or ?


00:00 – Brock working on PW50 in Michigan hotel room
0:49 – Brock Introduces Brody
1:42 – Young Brody Racing 50cc
3:31 – Why a Harley?
4:21 – Brock’s ZX6 vs. Dyna Sturgis story
6:12 – Brody drag racing experience
7:13 – Brody on T-142 Dragon
7:41 – Brock and Brody talk about racing cruisers
9:05 – Bike walk-around
10:45 – Brock talks about the project/ video series