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Honda Grom 125

Honda’s 125cc Grom™ is a fresh, new way to add some fun, practicality, independence, and style to your life. This new machine is a blast to ride, offering all the excitement of a full-sized motorcycle but in a package that just about anyone old enough to have a license can handle. Brock’s Performance is working hard to offer a variety of performance-related products for you to fully customize your Performance Honda Grom or MSX125.

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Part 1: Brock Crashes New Grom! – Follow along as Brock explains his initial impressions of this hot new seller and see what type of performance gains he can pull from this sporty little 125cc motorcycle. Also, see the importance of proper safety gear as this champion drag racer takes a fall on the Honda Grom.

Part 2: Power Increased by 20% – Follow along as Brock explains his step by step process of extracting power from this motorcycle using bolt-on products. See the advantages of a Brock’s Performance exhaust system, Power Commander V with mapping and airbox modifications.

Part 3: Fact or Myth; Ceramic Wheel Bearings – The final installment of the Stock to Brock Project Grom investigates the effectiveness of Worldwide Bearings ceramic wheel bearings. Check out the real world testing and dyno testing as we determine whether or not wheel bearings make a difference.


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Dyno Chart – STD Scale Dyno Chart – SAE Scale

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Alien Head for the Honda Grom
After months of tedious R&D, Brock’s Performance is excited to have perfected our Honda Grom full exhaust system. The latest reincarnation of our most popular exhaust system (Alien Head) will most certainly have you and your Grom standing out from the crowd. Once you get past the incredible looks of the Alien Head exhaust, you’ll be blown away by the unique sound that now bellows from this sporty 125. We were sure to keep our stretched and slammed Grom owners in mind as this low-mount exhaust system is tucked up tight to offer the most ground clearance possible. And don’t think we forgot the most important aspects of this exhaust; Over 60% weight savings combined with almost 20% more power*!

(*When combined with (optional) Dynojet PCV, Brock’s mapping and mild air box mods – instructions included.)

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Brock’s Performance will continue to work on bringing innovative products to market for the Honda Grom. We invite you to check out our “Sound Clip” video of the Alien Head Full Exhaust system below and feel free to leave us a comment.