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Horsepower Therapy supports, empowers, and enriches the lives of America’s veterans, combat-wounded veterans, and their families to heal from their wounds, both visible and hidden. They provide opportunities for those veterans and their families to experience the fun and fellowship of Horsepower Therapy and the bond shared by all veterans during races, track events, car shows, trail rides, and industry events.


  • Provide methods and opportunities for veterans and families to be around cars and experience the benefit of horsepower therapy.
  • Raise awareness of the visible and invisible wounds that veterans and family members experience every day as a result of their selfless service to our country.
  • Plan new and support existing events, including track days, drag races and speed-fests, as well as industry trade and car shows that veterans and family members can attend free of cost.
  • Develop relationships with members of the automobile industry and private citizens who are interested in helping us provide our veterans with horsepower therapy

Horsepower Therapy is an all-volunteer non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status formed by retired military members, family members, and civilians for the express purpose of serving our nation’s veterans and their families members. All of our events with veterans, wounded combat veterans, and families are paid for solely by contributions from donors, sponsors, and our fundraising events. Every dollar goes toward the expenses related to bringing these deserving heroes and families coming from all over the country together to have the time of their lives…and enjoy a little Horsepower Therapy!

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