Kawasaki H2 SX (18-20) Information

“240 HP Ninja H2 SX with a slip-on…what will it make with a full system on race gas?!”

You asked, Brock delivers. After installing the new Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon™ Full Stainless Exhaust and working some ECU Flash magic with Don Guhl, our friend Charles’ H2 SX cranks out an astounding 260 RWHP on VP MRX02 race fuel.

As an added bonus Brock compares the specifications and power potential of the 2018 H2 SX with the new 2020 Z H2 supercharged street fighter and his personal 2015 Ninja H2, since they were all just chilling out together – a comfortable 6 feet apart.

We hope you enjoy: 260 HP Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX with Bonus Z H2 Comparison Footage

Brock and his team set out to create a Stock to Brock ‘sleeper’ out of the 2018 Ninja H2 SX /SE using all bolt-on components and tuned for pump gas using the Guhl Motors MorDEFY software (Beta). It turns out that Kawasaki’s supercharged, full fairing w/passenger seat, heated grips ‘gentleman’s ride’ makes for an excellent platform to produce a surprisingly smooth, quiet street ride… combined with amazing track-worthy performance on demand.

Beware #stupidfast performance enthusiasts… this IS your father’s Ninja H2 SX – at least in Low and Middle Power modes. In Full Power mode, the Stock-2-Brock Package turns the H2 SX into an entirely different beast! It’s considerably faster than most sportbikes on the road and capable of embarrassing many of today’s fastest supercars.

Brock can barely contain his giggles as he envisions a grey-bearded racer, sporting a Cheshire Cat grin, lurking behind that flip-up helmet, fanny pack, and florescent touring suit!

Check out Ninja H2 SX SE Stock-2-Brock 240 HP Dyno Results, Review and Top Speed and try not to chuckle along with Brock 🙂


Kawasaki H2 SX (18-20) Dyno Charts

H2 SX Full System (Pump Gas vs. MRX02)

H2 SX Full System (MRX02) vs. Stock

H2 SX Slip-On System (Pump Gas) vs. Stock


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