Kawasaki Ninja H2 Magazine Test Bike Breaks Land Speed Record

226.9 mph: Brock’s-Equipped Kawasaki Ninja H2 Beats its Own Land-Speed Record

Just six months after Kawasaki’s supercharged H2 superbike hit showroom floors, the Brock’s Performance R&D team went to the Ohio Mile land-speed event in September to see what she would do with its new bolt-on performance package.

With veteran land-speed racer, Zach Millholland at the controls, the nasty Ninja threw down an astounding 219.40 mph pass in less-than-perfect conditions. It was quite an accomplishment, but despite the new record, everyone knew that the bike needed a longer runway and better weather to reach its maximum speed potential.

“There was plenty left in the tank,” said Brock Davidson, the company’s super-competitive namesake, chief tuner and a veteran racer. “I was very happy with what we did back in September when the bike was relatively new, but we battled high crosswinds all weekend that limited our number of runs. We were making great progress each time out, but putting down all of the bike’s available power on a one-mile course just wasn’t possible. Clearly, we had some unfinished business to tend to.”

Another six months and 1,920 miles later, Brock was in California transforming Sport Rider magazine’s testbike into a land-speed contender.

Brock and Kent Kunitsugu, Sport Rider’s longtime editor, began talking in the winter about setting up another record attempt with the H2. The venue chosen was the Mojave Magnum, which runs a 1.5-mile course at the Mojave Air and Space Port, an aerospace test-flight facility in the desert at an elevation of 2,762 feet, 70 miles north of Los Angeles.

On Monday, April 4, just five days before the event, a call from the organization confirmed that Kent had been moved from the rider waiting list to the entry list. Now that they were approved to race, Brock’s quickly shipped the latest H2 go-fast parts and a set of Rotobox carbon-fiber wheels to Sport Rider headquarters.

Brock met assistant editor, Will Steenrod, on Wednesday morning to bolt on the pipe, pre-mapped Dynojet PCV, flashed ECU, lowering kit, air filter, clutch mod and wheels. They built, dyno tested and race-prepped the bike in a mere two days, just like an ‘Average Joe’ could tackle on any given weekend.

Thankfully, Kent is No Average Joe. He’s ridden every sportbike made in the past two decades, is a championship-winning roadracer, has done hundreds of drag-strip passes and competed in other land-speed events.

So, what did he accomplish on this last-minute effort to best the previous 219 mph blast? Record-breaking runs. Kent blasted through the mile at 220.4 mph on Sunday and kept it pinned all the way through the timing lights at a top speed of 226.9 mph!

Check out our video and look for a feature story in an upcoming issue of Sport Rider magazine to see how this tremendous achievement was accomplished.

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Photos Courtesy of Scott Horner