Kawasaki Z H2 (2020) Information

A streetfighter is a sportbike that is customized by removing the fairing and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look.

A hyper naked streetfighter combines the definition above with even more aggressive styling with a more powerful engine and brakes.

A #stupidfast hyper naked streetfighter combines both of the above definitions… along with Brock’s ability to take an already strong supercharged platform and extract mind-bending performance from it.

The Japanese claim that streetfighters emerge from the “darker/unconventional side of a vibrant non-conformist sub-culture”. We are pretty sure they haven’t seen Brock’s idea of darker, unconventional and especially, non-conformist just yet! Our Z H2 streetfighter will ingest enough #stupidfast steroids to gain the respect of even the toughest most powerful in the game.

“240 HP Ninja H2 SX with a slip-on…what will it make with a full system on race gas?!”

You asked, Brock delivers. After installing the new Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon™ Full Stainless Exhaust and working some ECU Flash magic with Don Guhl, our friend Charles’ H2 SX cranks out an astounding 260 RWHP on VP MRX02 race fuel.

As an added bonus Brock compares the specifications and power potential of the 2018 H2 SX with the new 2020 Z H2 supercharged street fighter and his personal 2015 Ninja H2, since they were all just chilling out together – a comfortable 6 feet apart.

We hope you enjoy: 260 HP Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX with Bonus Z H2 Comparison Footage

Where do new motorcycle products come from? Most enthusiasts go online or to their local dealer, make their purchase, and call it done. Using his friend Dan’s brand new Kawasaki Z H2 2020 Supercharged Streetfighter, Brock demonstrates why it’s a bit more challenging to create #stupidfast parts promptly than it is to drive up to a speaker and request a ‘Big Mac, hold the pickles.’

Brock gives a glimpse into the development techniques that designers, engineers, and manufacturers use behind the scenes to create cool parts for your ride… while also answering the inevitable questions that pop up before, during, and after you make your purchase decision such as…

‘What are the advantages of adding a slip-on exhaust to an otherwise stock machine? Are there any disadvantages? What happens to the air-fuel ratio when a high flow Penta-Carbon slip-on is installed, especially when combined with the addition of an ultra high-flow air cleaner like the groundbreaking Sprint Filter P08 F1-85? With no means currently available to tune the air-fuel ratio to match these components to the bike…are we risking engine damage by installing these parts? The bikes dash lights up like a Christmas tree, blocks the ability to adjust some parameters, and disables the quick shifter after a few moments on the dyno – Is that a ‘limp mode’? Is the bike hurt? Can we remove the lights/clear the codes on our own, or do we need to slowly make our way to the nearest dealership?’

Find out the answers to these questions and MANY more in the epically long and detailed: Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Product Development

2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Product Development Update: Bolt-on Swingarm Extensions Installations Video with Additional Considerations Discussion.

Bolt-on swingarm extensions are a quick/easy/economical what to safely increase the wheelbase of most motorcycles so as to increase high-speed stability and decrease wheelies for quicker E.T.s at the drag strip – BONUS… stretched bikes look MUCH COOLER!

Now, before we hear from the “OMG…why-Why-WHY would you ruin the look and handling of such a fantastic machine?!” Gallery, please remember this video is not intended for you. We will address riding a 220+ RWHP sportbike with a 57” wheelbase soon enough.

For those interested in the benefits of a longer wheelbase, regardless of which make/model you ride, please watch on as Brock not only discusses the proper installation techniques in regard to bolt-on extensions, but he also outlines additional considerations to address while doing so. Having all of your “ducks in a row,” as they say can help alleviate frustration as well as additional downtime.

We hope you enjoy: 2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Product Development Update: Bolt-on Swingarm Extensions Installations Video with Additional Considerations Discussion.

Kawasaki Z H2 (2020) Dyno Charts

Z H2 (2020) vs. H2 (2015) Z H2 (2020) vs. H2 SX (2018) Z H2 (2020) vs. ZX-10R (2019) Z H2 (2020) vs. All
Z H2 (2020) vs. ZX-14R (2012)
(Note: Remove 10-12 HP from ZX-14R
for 2015 and up models)

Z H2 Gearing Calculator:

Click Here to Download Our Excel Spreadsheet Gearing Calculator


Note: All products are not listed on this page. Shop by category for more specific selections. We carry a wide variety of Oils, Additives, and Cleaners, among other items that will also work with this model. As products are developed for the Kawasaki Z H2 the listing below will be updated.

Penta-Carbon Full System Prototype

Slash Cut Full System Prototype

Penta-Carbon Slip-On Prototype