Kawasaki Z H2 (2020) Information


Kawasaki Z H2 (2020) Dyno Charts

Z H2 (2020) vs. H2 (2015)

Z H2 (2020) vs. H2 SX (2018)

Z H2 (2020) vs. ZX-10R (2019)

Z H2 (2020) vs. All

Z H2 (2020) vs. ZX-14R (2012)
(Note: Remove 10-12 HP from ZX-14R
for 2015 and up models)


A streetfighter is a sportbike that is customized by removing the fairing and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look.

A hyper naked streetfighter combines the definition above with even more aggressive styling with a more powerful engine and brakes.

A #stupidfast hyper naked streetfighter combines both of the above definitions… along with Brock’s ability to take an already strong supercharged platform and extract mind-bending performance from it.

The Japanese claim that streetfighters emerge from the “darker/unconventional side of a vibrant non-conformist sub-culture”. We are pretty sure they haven’t seen Brock’s idea of darker, unconventional and especially, non-conformist just yet! Our Z H2 streetfighter will ingest enough #stupidfast steroids to gain the respect of even the toughest most powerful in the game.

Note: All products are not listed on this page. Shop by category for more specific selections. We carry a wide variety of Oils, Additives, and Cleaners, among other items that will also work with this model. As products are developed for the Kawasaki Z H2 the listing below will be updated.