Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Bolt-on Swingarm Extensions

2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Product Development Update: Bolt-on Swingarm Extensions Installations Video with Additional Considerations Discussion.

Bolt-on swingarm extensions are a quick/easy/economical what to safely increase the wheelbase of most motorcycles so as to increase high-speed stability and decrease wheelies for quicker E.T.s at the drag strip – BONUS… stretched bikes look MUCH COOLER!

Now, before we hear from the “OMG…why-Why-WHY would you ruin the look and handling of such a fantastic machine?!” Gallery, please remember this video is not intended for you. We will address riding a 220+ RWHP sportbike with a 57” wheelbase soon enough.

For those interested in the benefits of a longer wheelbase, regardless of which make/model you ride, please watch on as Brock not only discusses the proper installation techniques in regard to bolt-on extensions, but he also outlines additional considerations to address while doing so. Having all of your “ducks in a row,” as they say can help alleviate frustration as well as additional downtime.

Video Time Stamps

0:00 – Video introduction
1:45 – Swingarm extensions overview
2:26 – Prepping the bike for extension installation
5:05 – Things to consider when using extensions
7:20 – Discussing chain conversion to a 530
8:24 – What’s the best gearing for my bike?
10:35 – Looking at factory throttle restrictions
12:45 – Removing the rear brake caliper assembly
16:28 – Removing the rear wheel and axle assembly
20:12 – Prepping swingarm extensions for installation
22:23 – Fitting the extensions into the swingarm slots
25:15 – Torque settings on extension mounting hardware
28:45 – Reinstalling rear wheel and checking clearances
32:10 – Discussing shock adjustments following install
33:23 – How to properly adjust chain tension
35:00 – Correctly reinstalling rear brake assembly
37:20 – What’s next for the Z H2 project?

Bolt-On Swingarm Extensions (Black) for Z H2 (2020)
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