#MillennialBlue: Harley-Davidson Dyna Budget Build


Brock’s Performance staff has embarked on a Budget Build with a 2005 Harley-Davidson Super Glide Custom (FXDC). We will use a mix of performance products new and used from Brock’s Performance and other companies with these four goals in mind:

  1. Quicker turning
  2. Improved stopping ability
  3. Improved riding performance
  4. Give this bike some soul

We have documented the journey on this build to show you step-by-step how you can turn your motorcycle into a better performing machine on a budget.

What would you change on your Harley to make it more rideable?

Triple Tree & Fork Conversion:

To begin the build we focused on getting the front end setup. For this, we used a combination of Brock’s Performance V-Twin Triple Tree with Reversible Bottom Clamp and a 3” Billet Fork Extension Kit paired with a used fork set from a Gen 2 Hayabusa.

This allowed the FXDC to be converted to upside-down (inverted) sportbike forks for better handling. With this front end setup, we were able to mount the corresponding sportbike wheel, brake rotors, and calipers for further weight reduction and improved braking.

Why would we do such a modification? Our goal was to not only build a unique Harley on a tight budget but to greatly improve the bikes ability to perform in the twisties.

Brock’s Performance Parts:

Used Parts:

  • Gen 2 Hayabusa Front Forks (eBay)
  • Hayabusa Brake Rotors and Calipers (eBay)

Sprint Filter Air Filter:

After the update to the front end, we moved on to a quick and easy mod that is done to all of our in-house motorcycles to protect their engines.

We installed a Sprint Filter P08 Waterproof and oil-free air filter. The waterproof air filters from Sprint Filter have a unique PTFE (Teflon) treatment that creates the waterproof barrier, which is essential to exposed air filters that have to endure the worst weather conditions.

The innovative polyester material created by Sprint Filter can be easily cleaned using only compressed air. With no oil treatments required, you can spend more time on the road and less time in the garage.

The great news, these filters allow more airflow to the cylinder delivering more power without sacrificing filtration!

Brock’s Performance Parts:

Street-Pro Swingarm:

Our last mod was quick and easy, but this mod is going to get your hands dirty. For this installment, we tackled replacing the OEM swingarm with our Street-Pro Aluminum Swingarm.

Our performance swingarms are designed for high-power, high-torque applications. Replacing an OEM swingarm with our Street-Pro allows you to shed up to 50% of unsprung weight! Shedding this weight immediately gives you an increase in performance and handling.

A lighter motorcycle will accelerate faster, stop quicker, and allow you to handle the turns with ease. So this modification hits several of our original goals for the bike.

Brock’s Performance Parts:

Street Shockz:

After our swingarm installation, we had no intention of putting the stock shocks back on. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are heavy bikes that were not designed to carve corners. But you can change the way your bike rides with this simple bolt-on upgrade. Brock’s Performance Street Shockz provide unsurpassed flexibility allowing your motorcycle to hug the road and give you a smooth and controlled ride.

Brock’s Performance Street Shockz are a night and day difference from your OEM setup, and these affordable shocks offer adjustability without the need for tools. Prior to shipping, the shocks are set up right here in house to your specifications. Suspension upgrades are one of the best investments you can make to enhance your riding experience. Invest in better suspension to enjoy the ride.

So if you are riding for a few hours or all the way to Sturgis, this modification is a MUST!

Brock’s Performance Parts:

Stay Tuned for Additional Details and Information…