Moto-Electra bike wins Cycle World Editor’s Choice Award

Moto-Electra Racing
All Electric Grand Prix Racing Team
Rider – Thad Wolff
Builder – Brian Richardson

Cycle World Rolling Concours at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP
Aug. 17-19
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Participants join the Cycle World staff on a ride from the track to a private lunch Saturday, Aug. 18 before riding back to the Speedway for judging. Bikes must complete the entire ride to be eligible for trophies in a variety of classes, as this unique event celebrates both form and function.

On August 18th, the Moto-Electra was displayed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Moto-Electra was given a Cycle World Editor’s Choice award, and the bike was filmed by the Moto-GP TV crew for the Italian audience. The bike really got a lot of positive attention from curious motorcyclists.

The big news was the Rolling Concours ride. The Moto-Electra had to travel 50 miles to be judged. I rode the bike up front near Cycle World editor, Mark Hoyer. It was stop and go traffic through downtown Indy (and Moto-GP traffic), and then rolling hills/curvy roads on secondary highways through the countryside. The top speed was around 65 mph. Obviously, the bike kept pace, but what about the range? The Moto-Electra started with 129 volts, and after 50 miles it still had 118.4 volts (nominal voltage is 118V). The cut off voltage is around 110, so the bike could have easily gone another 30+ miles — giving it a range of over 80 miles under real world conditions. Not bad for a race-bike. Everything from BST wheels, WorldWide ceramic bearings, and Air-Tech aerodynamics helped to provide this level of efficiency. Most of all, this range is a tribute to Martin Koebler and StarkPower for building such a fine battery pack. I would like to thank the projects primary sponsors over the past couple years — IceWarp Corp. and Markel Insurance. Thanks also to friends (Rich), our rider (Thad Wolff), and the help provided by James Madison University (Rob & John).

The most fun part of the day was when some of the other bikes stopped to purchase gas. That’s when it sunk in that we had traveled a good distance, and the electric bike was still around.

– Brian Richardson

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