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Brock’s is a proud sponsor of Motorcycle Missions

At Motorcycle Missions we understand that much of the post-traumatic stress (disorder) paradigm is that the need for purpose, camaraderie, and adrenaline is of the utmost importance. Our hope is to encourage our audience to instill a life-long passion for motorcycling, that will help them enjoy a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle after trauma.

100% of your financial contribution will go where it is needed most to help our Veterans and First Responders. It will allow Motorcycle Missions to give them the opportunity to participate in ‘Project MX’ or the ‘Motorcycle Build Mentorship Program‘.

Donations made to the ‘Motorcycle Build Mentorship Program’ will help fund the motorcycle itself, motorcycle parts and materials, fabrication and finishing costs, and licensing and registration costs. When the bike is complete and the group has enjoyed seeing their handiwork displayed at motorcycle shows, it will be raffled off to fund the next bike build.

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