New & Improved Window Link Adjustment Rods

Rolled Thread Product Image Th

Same great product with superior strength for today’s more powerful bikes.

As part of our commitment to design products that meet the ever changing needs of today’s motorcycle enthusiast, we have re-engineered the Window Link Adjustment Rods to meet the increased loads of today’s modern bikes. The tensile strength of the new rods have been increased 47% via material change and now feature precision rolled threads, which offer enhanced dimensional integrity combined with accurate
lead tolerances.

  • Rolled threads are now standard versus cut threads
  • 125KSI tensile strength for new rods versus 85KSI tensile strength
  • 100KSI yield for new rods versus 35KSI yield
  • New rods are engraved with “Brock’s” for easy identification

The switch to new adjustment rods took place on 1/1/15 for the following part numbers: 240278 (ZX-14), 240746 (GSX-R1000), 240733 (S1000RR) and 240759 (S1000RR). If you would like to have your existing window links retrofitted with the new and improved adjustment rods, please call or email our sales department for more information. – PH: (937) 912-0054

If you are unsure as to which version of adjustment rods you have, it can be easily identified by the “Brock’s” name engraved on the new rods (see image below).

NOTE: When installing new adjustment rods it is imperative to make sure the rods are equivalent lengths. Unequal rod lengths are the number one cause of lowering link issues. Please refer to this link for more information on adjustment rod consistency:

Window Link Set Adjustment Consistency (PDF)

Video: Window Link™ Adjustment Rod Exchange Instructions