Norton V4SV Carbon is Stunning with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels Standard

2022 Norton V4SV BST Carbon Fiber WheelsNorton V4SV Carbon

The new re-engineered V4SV is the most luxurious British superbike ever created. The only British built and designed superbike in production. The speed, the handling, the feeling… Nothing comes close to it. The Isle of Man TT is where the V4SV was imagined, the road is where it was born.

As one of the most successful manufacturers at the TT, our relationship with the formidable road race is legendary. From Joey’s, Ballacrain and Laurel Bank, Norton’s fearless riders have conquered it all – their names etched into motorsport history.

Imagery is featuring the V4SV with a non-homologated track exhaust. Final specification may vary.

2022 Norton V4SV BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Today, that feeling is replicated with the V4SV. Every sense is heightened for one of the purest riding experiences out there. It’s a buzz that others will never quite understand. From the moment the engine starts, freedom is released. When the helmet is on, everything else just disappears.

Behind every detail of the Norton V4SV Carbon is over 100 years of racing success and mastery of design and engineering. All beautifully reimagined into a superior bike for the road, precision and quality tested to the limits. A stunning homage to our TT racer for a ride as rewarding as it is thrilling.

2022 Norton V4SV BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

From a distance, it’s a breathtaking feat of engineering. But it’s on closer inspection that the true story behind the V4SV unfolds. Each component has been elegantly crafted to offer more than just functionality. There’s an attention to detail that takes riders further, adrenaline-fueled at every horizon.

The Norton V4SVs Carbon model features carbon fiber BST wheels standard!

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About BST

Established in 1992, BST is based near Johannesburg, South Africa. BST engineers and manufactures the world’s finest carbon fiber motorcycle components from wheels and frames to fuel tanks and fenders, to the highest international standards. The standard equipment wheels on Confederate and Norton motorcycles, BST was also chosen to provide wheels and produce the carbon-fiber frame on the radical MotoCyz project. On the world stage, BST wheels have been proven at every level of FIM Grand Prix roadracing competition and have won 12 national championships. BST has sold more than 8,000 carbon fiber wheels around the world.

2022 Norton V4SV BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

About Norton Motorcycles
James Lansdowne Norton, affectionately known as ‘Pa’, founded Norton in 1898 as a manufacturer of fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade. Little did he know what that simple business would go on to become.

Over the next 100 years, Norton Motorcycles would experience a series of highs and lows that would lead the name to its unique place in history, as well as thousands of hearts around the world. In 1902, the very first Norton Motorcycle, the Energette, was produced – powered by a 143cc, single-cylinder Clement engine.

Just a few years later in 1907, our enviable racing tradition began. Rem Fowler cemented his position as one of the country’s most notable motorcycle racers by riding a 5hp Peugeot-engine Norton to victory at the inaugural Isle of Man TT. 1908 saw the first Norton powered by a single cylinder side-valve unit (the now legendary big 4), and by the following year you could, quite literally, walk into Harrods and buy a brand-new Norton. From inception to high street in little under 10 years, the nation’s love for Norton Motorcycles was growing strong.

In April 2020, TVS Motor Company acquired Norton Motorcycles, igniting the start of an exciting new era for the brand and its loyal followers and fans. A partnership destined to breathe life into this truly iconic British marque.

2021 marks the beginning of the Norton renaissance. Drawing on inspiration from the past to build our legacy for the future. And it all starts with a move to new state-of-the-art facilities, alongside the eagerly anticipated launch of new models.

These bikes will be the future of Norton, shaped by innovation and design. They will position Norton where it truly belongs – as one of the most iconic and influential motorcycle brands the world has ever seen.

Norton is back up to speed. And better than ever.