Owen Breaks Speed Record

A note from Brock: 

For those of you who thirst for details, I thought I would take a moment to explain the relationship Dave Owen and his team have with us here at Brock’s Performance Products. Boston-based ‘Dave O’ (as he is known in the Internet world) is a long time friend who also happens to be a very bright individual. So bright in fact, that we trust him to test our products in the same logic-based engineering style that we use here at our R & D facility in Dayton, Ohio. Dave realizes that dyno testing only tells a part of the story.  The true gage of real world performance must be measured with the bike in motion. We are constantly testing products ourselves at the drag strip throughout the race season, so when Dave asked if we would like to be involved in his Land Speed racing program…we said HELL YES! 

Dave has been a part time crewman on our drag race team for years. He and his wife, Lauren, crewed at nearly every AMA/Prostar race in 2004 with our American Suzuki backed GSX-R1000 Supersport team. Dave is an electronics engineer by trade who also likes getting his hands dirty and going VERY fast. More importantly, he wants to understand EXACTLY which changes yield results AND WHY. This is the attitude we have at Brock’s Performance…what you see is not always what you get in the race world; there are simply too many variables. 

You may notice from the photo below that Dave’s world record holding Hayabusa is sporting a rather plain looking aluminum muffler…it’s a prototype. We tested it on the dyno and drag strip before sending it to Dave for Maxton. Our tests showed that power/performance increases were measurable primarily on larger displacement engines moving additional volumes of air, while not hampering stock displacement performance at all. As a result, we see no need to market a Generation 4 StreetSmart System, but performance enthusiasts from now on (Jan 2005) will receive this new muffler in Titanium or Carbon Fiber at no additional charge with their StreetSmart purchase. FYI- The new system has a SLIGHTLY more aggressive tone in all applications. 

Dave’s results at Maxton were what we consider to be right on par with our drag strip results.  He noticed approximately double the MPH improvement  over our Generation 3 muffler at 215 MPH as we measured at 160 MPH (1 ½ to 2 for Dave…¾ to 1 MPH for us.)  We were very pleased. This gain might not seem like much to some, but any racer can tell you that a bike which is 2mph faster will consistently walk away from the other bike on the street, strip, or (as Dave’s world record shows) at the Maxton mile. 

Good Luck and GO FAST!


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Owen Breaks Speed Record


Suzuki rider Dave Owen broke an East Coast Timing Association speed record by propelling his 99 copper Hayabusa to unprecedented “allmotor” speed of 215.642 at Maxton, NC’s famed 1-mile runway.

“It was a great achievement,” Owen said. “There are nitrous records and there are turbo records but I’m all about the motor records. There have only been a few nitrous passes above 215. I’m proud to say that our motor record would have taken out most of the nitrous records.”

“We know this is a record for a standing start one mile pass in the U.S. There is a good possibility that it is a WORLD record also. We are checking with the racing organizations in other countries as well.”

Owen says he has a lot confidence in his 240-rear wheel horsepower machine that is geared for the long runs.

“I’ve been over 210 a bunch of times, so it was all about getting a good run in during good weather conditions,” Owen said of his feat. “In testing I went 208 in a head wind so I knew we had a good chance to break the record.”

Owen describes the course as four quarter-mile drag strips and says it’s quite a thrill to stay on the gas so long.


“You’re on the throttle for about 28 seconds,” Owen said. “Hitting the shift points and tucking in to get out of the wind is crucial.”

“To get from 210 to 215 takes almost the last quarter-mile,” Owen said. “That’s where we really squeeze the performance out.”

Owen credits Brock Davidson of Brock’s Performance Parts for helping to press out the hidden horsepower.

“Brock is crucial in helping me with the bike,” Owen said. “Working with him and his team has been a great source of knowledge. His sales manager Bryan ensures I have the top quality parts I need on time.”

Also instrumental has been Rick Stetson and the staff of Harry’s Machine Parts for the extensive cylinder head/machine work, and endless dyno time needed to accomplish this goal.

Owen thinks with a few modifications it will be possible to run even faster next season.


“The goal is to try to hit 220 on motor,” Owen said. “It’s going to take a little more set-up, better aerodynamics, and a little less weight. The power is there. We just need a few changes.”

Owen thanked Brock’s Performance Parts, Harry’s Machine Parts, and his crew Josh, Mark, Jake and wife Lauren for all the support this season.

“I would also like the thank John, Keith, Joe, “Flipper” and the staff at the ECTA for providing us with a place on the east coast for land speed racing. If you have a need for speed, you need to come to Maxton!!” Owen said.