Racer/Social Media Influencer Support Program Application

Racer Support

With company origins deeply rooted in racing, it’s no surprise that Brock’s Performance has always been actively involved with events, organizations, racers, and more, throughout its rich history. From series sponsorship to rich contingency programs, Brock Davidson is no stranger to giving back to the loyal customers who have made the company what it is today.

Brock’s Performance is frequently asked “How do I get sponsored by your company?” But, to understand how to get sponsored you must first understand what sponsorship is. Sponsorship (or Racer/Influencer Support) is an agreement between two parties whereas one company provides financial or product support to another company or individual in exchange for their promotional and marketing efforts. The sponsoring company will want to know what type of Return on Investment (ROI) they will receive and the individual will want to know what type of product or financial support they will receive.

The Brock’s Performance Racer/Social Media Influencer Support Program Application is set up to allow individuals, teams, organizations, etc., the chance to take advantage of additional assistance during the yearly acceptance term. Starting on November 1st and running through December 31st every year, Brock’s will accept new and renewal applications/proposals. During the months of January and February, all applications will be reviewed and decisions made on each individual request.

There are two main types of support offered through Brock’s Performance; Racer Support & Sponsorship. We consider Racer Support to be yearlong help by setting you up with substantially reduced pricing on most products we offer. Sponsorship is the highest level of support we offer and that generally results in product use at no cost to the recipient. Keep in mind that sponsorship consideration is only given to our top applications every year. At this time, Brock’s Performance does not offer any type of financial/monetary sponsorship.

The terms of each Racer/Social Media Influencer Support Program Application agreement will vary, but typically they are for one calendar year and must be renewed every year. Specifics will be discussed in detail if you are selected to participate in one of the programs.

Please take the time to fill out the form below as completely as possible. All requests for support and/or product will be carefully reviewed and a decision of Brock’s Performance participation will be made sometime in January/February. Not all support and sponsorship requests will fit the needs of Brock’s Performance for the upcoming year. Decisions will also be made according to the yearly budget. Provide as much detail as you can when filling out the form to help us make the best decision regarding your request. No support or product will be considered until a completed form is received, reviewed, and approved.

Need an idea of what it means to be a sponsored racer? Check out the links below to read tips by sponsored racers.

Thank you for your interest in the Brock’s Performance brand. Only fully completed forms will be reviewed by our staff; all others will be delayed or dismissed. You will receive a response once your application has been reviewed. If you have a race or influencer resume or photos that may relate to this application, please email them to sponsorship@brocksperformance.com AFTER this form has been submitted.

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