Rickey and Richard Gadson Set Land Speed Records on 2011 ZX-10Rs

The uncle/nephew team of Rickey/Richard Gadson set land speed records on a pair of Brock’s Performance-equipped 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10Rs at the Loring LTA event in Limestone, Maine. The team walked away with final records for 4-cylinder 1000 cc motorcycles of 203.88 mph in the MPS/F class and 206.74 mph in MPS/G.

Rickey, the multi-time championship Kawasaki factory drag racer, has only recently ventured into land speed racing.

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“Last year was my first time making land speed runs,” said Gadson. “I ran Loring on a 2010 Competition CNC ZX-14. It ran 217 which was the fastest normally aspirated ZX-14 in the country. I was hooked.”

“My current deal with Kawasaki is more focused on promotion than actual drag racing,” he continued. “So I am trying to branch out and do different things. Land speed racing is more exhilarating. After you get to wide open throttle you’re on it for 14 to 17 seconds. That’s a long time to hear a motor beg for mercy. You are sitting there waiting for the motor to blow. The first couple times I did it I was scared, and I have done a lot of stuff on motorcycles.”

Both ZX-10Rs feature Brock’s Performance slip-on exhausts, clutch components and front end tie-downs. The electronics are spiced up with a Bazzaz controller with Quick Shifter and a Guhl Motorsports re-flashed ECU.

The G-class bike additionally has a mild port job by Jim Gilnack at Competition CNC and road racing plastics by Hot Bodies.

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“We wanted to run them as stock as we could,” said Gadson. “From the factory they are restricted to 186 mph, and they are probably down 22 horsepower. In fact, with the new electronics and Brock’s pipe, we were picked up 26 horsepower in the over-rev and peak horsepower moved from 11200 to 13700 rpm.”

“Brock’s is the only slip-on pipe that I know of makes the kind of power that it does,” he continued. “It was a big contributor to the numbers we ran with these bikes.”

With his nephew Richard needing to make license runs on Saturday of the event – and Rickey needing the rest of the day getting the bikes ready for competition – the team would only have Sunday to take a shot at the records.

Rickey took the G-class bike out, and on his first pass eclipsed the standing record of 199 mph with a run of 200.4 mph. In two more runs he had upped the record to over 203 mph.

Meanwhile Richard had a first-run record himself, running 197.96 mph against a 188 standing record on the F-class bike. He also eventually pushed the bike to over 203 mph, which caught his uncle’s eye.

“His 203 equaled my number on a bike with a cylinder head on it,” said Rickey. “I figured that he was running fast because of his size so I put him on my bike, and he ran 206 mph and re-set that record.”

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While Richard left with the final records, Rickey is still in the 200 mph record holder’s club, having set one earlier in the day.

The current class of ZX-10s is impressive to Rickey Gadson. “This bike just came out and took on a record held by highly modified bike,” he said. “To go over 200 in a basically stock 1000 cc bikes is amazing. The Hayabusa ran 193 over ten years ago and people didn’t believe it. These out-of-the-box performances are a tribute to the engineering both at the factory and at companies like Brock’s.”

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