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14 0508 sprint whysprint

14 0508 sprint 01 The Sprint Filter P08 has completely reinvented the concept of an aftermarket air filter.
14 0508 sprint 02 The Sprint Filter P08 provides the absolute best performance on every bike we’ve tested. Click to view dyno charts.
14 0508 sprint 03 Sprint Filter has been a part of World Championships in MotoGP, Moto3, Superbike, Supersport, and Superstock.
14 0508 sprint 04 The Sprint Filter P08 is essentially maintenance free. Remove the filter and blow it clean with compressed air, and you’re ready to go.
14 0508 sprint 05 If cared for properly, the Sprint Filter P08 will last for the entire time you own your bike.
14 0508 sprint 06 By optimizing the air/fuel mixture, the Sprint Filter P08 allows you to consume less fuel all the while gaining more power!
14 0508 sprint 07 We spend a tremendous amount of time and effort researching the best materials to use for the production of our air filters.
14 0508 sprint 08 The innovative polyester Sprint Filter P08 air filter stands apart from all other special cotton air filters for its increased air permeability, more efficient filtration and easy maintenance.

14 0508 sprint oily cleaning
How to clean an oily Sprint Filter (Please Do NOT try this at home with your oiled gauze filter).

14 0508 sprint every model
Available for 117 sportbikes, sport-tourers and cruisers from a dozen American, European and Japanese brands, Sprint Filter air filters provide the best performance on every bike. This is achieved thanks to the optimization of the surfaces on every Sprint Filter. It follows the maximum attainable surface: more AIR, more POWER and more FILTRATION.

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14 0227 bst bimota
14 0227 bst bmw
14 0508 sprint buell
14 0227 bst ducati
14 0227 bst harley
14 0227 bst honda
14 0227 bst kawasaki
14 0227 bst ktm
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14 0227 bst yamaha
14 0508 sprint universal

14 0508 OEM sprint trusted 402428 Ducati P08 SF OEM Th
Sprint Filter Air Filters were chosen by Ducati as the OEM air filter for the following models:

  • Ducati 1299 Panigale Superleggera
  • Ducati 1199 Panigale Superleggera
  • Ducati Panigale R

View this air filter in our store: Sprint Filter P08 (PM127S)
Sprint Filter Air Filters are also included with select OEM Ducati Performance Kits:

  • Ducati 899 Exhaust Kit (17-20)
    (Aftermarket Exhaust System & Sprint Filter P08 – PM127S)
  • Ducati Supersport Exhaust Kit (17-20)
    (Aftermarket Exhaust System & Sprint Filter P08 with integrated velocity stacks *A Ducati Exclusive*)

14 0508 sprint trusted

14 0508 sprint kenan sofuoglu 14 0508 sprint sam lowes
Kenan Sofuoglu
2010 WSS Champion
Kawasaki ZX-6R
Sam Lowes
2013 Supersport World Champion
Yamaha YZF-R6
14 0508 sprint maverick vinales 14 0508 sprint leandro mercado
Maverick Viñales
2013 Moto 3 World Champion
Moto 3
Leandro Mercado
2009 AMA SS Champion
Kawasaki ZX-10R
14 0508 sprint danilo petrucci 14 0508 sprint michael van der mark
Danilo Petrucci
2011 Italian Superstock Champion
Ioda Racing
Michael Van der Mark
2012 STK 600 Champion
Honda CBR600RR
14 0508 sprint lorenzo savadori 14 0508 sprint carlos checa
Lorenzo Savadori
2008 125 GP European Champion
Ducati Panigale 1199
Carlos Checa
2011 WSBK Champion
Ducati 1098R

Sprint Filter Aprilia Technical Supplier

Sprint Filter Yamaha GMT94 Team Supplier

Sprint Filter Energica Technical Partner

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Sprint Filter Technical Supplier KTM

Sprint Filter Yamaha Team Supplier

Sprint Filter MJRS Freeman Racing Team

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14 0508 sprint mojave
Curtice Thom, Crew Chief and Lead Mechanic at Hunter Sills Racing explain why they use from many years only Sprint Filter P08 air filter. Sprint Filter P08 air filter has passed the strongest test ever made. Pass a complete session of a Speed record at El Mirage lake into the Mojave desert.

Erin Sills and Hunter Sills Racing hold the speed record has Fastest Production Motorcycle in the World (219.3 MPH). The record mentioned in the video is the El Mirage 1000cc Modified Partially Streamlined (MPS) record at which they set at 195 MPH then increased again to 200.294 MPH.

The team has over 30 World and National records and 2 Guinness World Records.

On this S1000 RR Erin Sills won the Mojave Mile, the Mojave Magnum and earned me membership in the Bonneville 200 MPH Club and El Mirage 200 MPH Club.

Update (09/10/19): Hunter Sills Racing Captures 5 More World Speed Records at Bonneville (Sprint Filter P08 F1-85)

14 0508 sprint mojave 01 th 14 0508 sprint mojave 02 th 14 0508 sprint mojave 03 th

14 0508 sprint 5records
Using the Spring Filter P08 air filter, San Diego BMW Motorcycles recorded 5 land speed world records on their BMW S1000RR race bikes.

14 0508 sprint moto project
“Super happy with the performance of the BMW S1000RR with the installation of the Sprint Filter P08 in combination with a fuel management system …” – George Lee Sye