Sprint Filter Introduces NEW Performance Air Filters for the Iconic Ducati Monster

Sprint Filter

Sprint Filter Introduces NEW Performance Air Filters for the Iconic Ducati Monster

The Sprint Filter-Ducati pairing has grown from strength to strength since 2013, the year in which Sprint Filter first equipped the Ducati Panigale R 1199 and then the Panigale Superleggera 1199. The air filter firm has been a Ducati Performance supplier for Borgo Panigale super sport exhaust kits ever since, gaining the status of Ducati Official Supplier in 2018 and becoming a sponsor of the MotoGP Pramac Racing Team in 2022. Every Ducati motorcycle owner understands the significant advantages that the one-of-a-kind Sprint Filter air filter offers in terms of its performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.2022 sprint ducati monster 02

Founded in 1952, the company has gained a wealth of fluid dynamics and flow optimization experience over the years and continues to play an active role in these fields today, collaborating with renowned race departments in the two- and four-wheeled worlds. This expertise has allowed Sprint Filter to totally redesign the air filters on current Ducati models, offering specific kits that are fully Plug & Play and that allow owners of these bikes to significantly boost the power and torque values.

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The most important criteria for Sprint Filter when it embarked on the project was that the bikes require no modification and that the electronics need no adjusting. Hence, with the Sprint Filter “R” kits, the user can switch back to the original configuration whenever they want in a matter of seconds and without making any changes.

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The first “R” series Sprint Filter kit for Ducati bikes is dedicated to the Ducati Monster 1200/S/R, Monster 821 and Monster 796. The R61 kit, which is fully Plug & Play, includes an air filter comprised of a frame, an integrated intake trumpet and an internal flow separator, all in autoclave-cured carbon. The original air filter and its holder are removed and replaced by the R kit that uses the three original screws. It is mounted in a few seconds and requires no fuel adjustment or modifications prior to assembly. The kit ensures a power boost of 5.6 hp at 9500 rpm (going from 139.7 hp to 145.3 hp) and a 1 Nm increase in maximum torque at 8055 rpm (from 115 Nm at 9369 rpm to 116 Nm at 9578 rpm). The test was carried out on the bench at Franco Lenci’s authorised Ducati service centre in Rome.

The MotoGP Prima Pramac Racing Team has also had chance to view the projects and verify the quality and performance of these products, affording Sprint Filter the opportunity to produce a Pramac Limited Edition of these kits. Fans of both Ducati and Team Prima Pramac will be able to purchase the kit for their own motorcycle as of September. Every Pramac Racing Limited Edition kit by Sprint Filter will contain everything needed to boost the power and torque of desmo engines as well as postcards signed by riders Jorge Martín and Johann Zarco.

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The kit is available with two different filtration grades. The R61S F1-85-SBK kit comes complete with the world’s most exclusive and best performing filter media, the P08 F1-85, for a certified filtration of 85 microns and an airflow of 15,000 l/m2/sec. The R61S-WP-SBK kit is equipped with the P037 filter media, developed specifically for heavy-duty use and particularly dusty areas. P037 ensures a filtration of 37 microns with an airflow of 4500 l/m2/sec.

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