Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 Air Filter Captures 5 World Speed Records at Bonneville

Hunter Sills Racing captured five records with it’s BMW S1000RR at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, during the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials event. The team also earned Top Time of the Meet and Fastest Naturally Aspirated Motorcycle and increased the speed of their world’s fastest BMW motorcycle to 238.398 mph. Both riders, Erin Sills (@sheEmoto) and Trev Richter (@coloradoadvmoto.richter) of Hunter Sills Racing, earned 1000cc FIM records aboard a nitrous-powered BMW bike affectionately known as “Snoopy.”

FIM naturally aspirated, 1000cc multi-cylinder faired mile record 236.889 mph. (381.2359 Km/h)Erin Sills
FIM naturally aspirated, 1000cc multi-cylinder faired kilometer record 237.287 mph. (381.8764 km/h)Erin Sills
FIM naturally aspirated, 1000cc multi-cylinder un-faired mile record 195.674 mph (314.9067 km/h)Trev Richter
FIM naturally aspirated, 1000cc multi-cylinder un-faired kilometer record 196.206 mph. (315.7629 km/h)Trev Richter
AMA naturally aspirated, 1000cc multi-cylinder un-faired mile record 195.674 mph. (315.7629 km/h)Trev Richter

About Hunter Sills Racing: Erin (Hunter) Sills and the late Andy Sills are avid high-speed riders with a combined 22 years of Landspeed Racing (“LSR”) competition. Together, Erin and Andy achieved 24 world and national landspeed records with streamliner motorcycles as well as “traditional” race bikes. They also hold two Guinness World Records and have each reached the 200mph milestone as landspeed racers (top average mile to-date is 227mph.) Both are 201 MPH Club members (2012) and Andy was a Bonneville 200 MPH Club member (2013.) In 2011, they became the only pair ever to race “two-up” at a sanctioned landspeed racing event. They raced a production BMW S1000 RR to a two-way average of 183 mph which was within two miles-per-hour of the bike’s top speed solo as geared (185 mph.) An important part of the attempt was the switching of “pilot” and “second-seat-rider” (a.k.a passenger) for the two required record attempts on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

In 2003, Andy and Erin began working with Jack Costella to develop “Nebulous Theorem IV” which was purpose-built around Andy to produce a radically- designed vehicle where the rider races prone, their nose ½ inch off the ground. With Erin as Crew Chief, Andy took the streamliner to a top speed of 141mph, breaking a 25-year-old record. With Andy’s help, Erin broke Andy’s record two years later, setting the new mark at 143mph with only an 80cc motor. This earned Erin an FIM World and AMA National record in the 100cc class and a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest woman with a World Record on a streamlined motorcycle.