Sprint Filter P08: Long Term Test – Kawasaki ZX-10R (2016)

The Sprint Filter P08 polyester material proves that it filters as well as it flows in harsh conditions.

Below are a series of images taken during a velocity stack test on March 19, 2017 on a Brock’s Performance ‘Bikes Wanted’ loaner 2016 ZX-10R. While following test protocol to clean the air filter before testing (6282 miles on the odometer,) the technician noticed considerable debris (pollen, dust, insects, plant matter and general road grit) on the inlet side of the airbox as well as embedded into the folds on the front side of the Sprint Filter P08. The P08 filter had been previously installed at Brock’s Performance on June 30, 2016 with 1003 miles showing on the odometer and had not been cleaned or had any maintenance performed on it (per owner) prior to these tests. The technician noted in a report to the Brock’s Performance engineering department that after almost 9 months and over 5200 in service miles, particulates of what appeared to be ultra-fine pollen or dust were noticed on the OEM bell mouths with traces also adhering to oily residue inside the box – a scenario similar to what is noted in most OEM paper element applications. After quickly cleaning the P08 filter with compressed air, minimal .57% to 1.09% (1.15-2.16 RWHP- see dyno chart below) power differences were noticed after immediately retesting with the cleaned filter.

Image #1: Airbox as viewed after 5200 miles of on-road use (click image for full size view).


Image #2: Airbox ‘oil trap’ area (OEM inlets removed for clarity) (click image for full size view).


Image #3: Intake side of Sprint Filter P08 before cleaning for velocity stack test (click image for full size view).


Image #4: Intake side of airbox after 5200 miles of on-road use (click image for full size view).


Image #5: Dyno chart showing results before and after cleaning P08 air filter with compressed air (click image for full size view).

“Although this did not begin as a Sprint Filter longevity test, I’m pleased that our engineering and creative departments took a moment to document our findings. Of course, no air filter will keep 100% of all airborne elements out of your engine, unless you place a non-permeable material over your inlet (in which case your bike would not perform very well, lol.) We were delighted with our visual inspection of minimal/harmless particles on the “clean” side of the airbox, as well as the negligible difference in dyno performance after quickly blasting the P08 with a shot of compressed air. As far as we are concerned, these are the type of filtering results we would expect from a restrictive OEM air cleaner, so to see them out of a high-performance aftermarket race filter is very reassuring. That said, maybe we should not be so surprised? As we know the Sprint Filter P08 material is entrusted to protect the engines in some of the highest performance, most exclusive street bikes ever built, including most recently, the 2017 Ducati Superleggera 1299.” – Brock Davidson, President Brock’s Performance

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