Stock-2-Brock ~ 200HP Yamaha YZF-R1 (15-19)

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Yamaha fans have been touting the new R1 since it’s makeover debut in 2015, and it now has the stamp of approval from Brock Davidson as well. “Yamaha really stepped up to the plate on this one, and to date, it’s one of the strongest stock engine 1000cc bikes we’ve ever tested with our products,” said Brock’s Performance President, Brock Davidson. The all-new Brock’s Performance Slip-On Exhaust (3/4 System) is now available in the ever-popular Alien Head 2™ configuration.

The crossplane crankshaft engine of the Yamaha R1 already delivers one of the most unique sounding exhaust notes in the entire supersport category. The addition of the Alien Head 2™ slip-on exhaust compliments the already thrilling exhaust note perfectly. Combine that with an astounding 74% weight savings, and the end result is a stunningly crafted, lightweight exhaust system. With this exhaust system highlighting the ‘Stock-to-Brock’ combination, Brock’s Performance recorded a remarkable 200hp on pump gas and 209hp on race gas (on the STD scale).

  • Great look and aggressive sound
  • 74% weight savings vs OEM muffler/catalytic converter
  • 14″ megaphone muffler (show-polished finish)
  • 2.25″ outlet permanent baffle (noise reduction plugs available)
  • Aerospace quality, ultra lightweight stainless construction
  • Two 12mm O2 bungs and one 18mm O2 bung pre-installed on collector
  • Includes muffler, collector, and necessary hardware
  • Designed to work with OEM front section only
  • No fairing modifications required


Exhaust Sound Clip Video:


Dyno Chart Gallery:

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Yamaha R1 AH2 Slip On SAE Th Yamaha R1 AH2 Slip On STD Th
SAE Scale STD Scale


Yamaha R1/M (15-19) ‘Stock-to-Brock’ Products:

398477 Yamaha R1 AH2 Slip On 1 Th alt Dynojet Power Commander 5 Th 923928 R1 15 Brock Flash ECU Th 1 alt 405254 Yamaha P08 SF Th
Alien Head 2™ Slip-On Exhaust Dynojet Power Commander V Brock Flashed ECU Sprint Filter Air Filters


Other Brock’s Performance Products Used:

Alisyn Oil Fully Synthetic (Less than 0W)

Petron Plus Oil Additive

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