Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 to Gen 3 Full Exhaust Adapter Kit

Brock Davidson provides a quick installation guide for the new Hayabusa Gen 2 to Gen 3 Full Exhaust Adapter Kit available from Brock’s Performance.

Suzuki Hayabusa Adapter Kit

This Suzuki Hayabusa Adapter Kit allows the installation of our Hayabusa Alien Head, CT Series, Penta-Carbon, ShortMeg, StreetMeg, and TiWinder full exhaust systems to mount and function properly on the Euro 5 Compliant 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa (Generation 3). 4-2-1 Sidewinder compatible when combined with a user-installed O2 Sensor Bung & Plug Kit.

Video Time Stamps

  • 0:00 – Does a Gen 2 exhaust ‘fit’ a Gen 3?
  • 1:03 – Issues with Gen 3 dual O2 sensors
  • 2:08 – Unboxing the Gen 2- Gen 3 adapter
  • 3:21 – Disconnecting the OEM O2 sensors
  • 4:16 – Connecting and routing adapter harness
  • 5:07 – Installing the 18mm to 12mm O2 bung
  • 6:08 – Reinstalling a single OEM O2 sensor
  • 6:47 – Radiator bracket spacer kit installation
  • 7:31 – Conclusion / what comes next?


Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 to Gen 3 Full Exhaust Adapter Kit Includes:

  • Plug and Play Oxygen Sensor Harness
  • 18mm to 12mm Aluminum Bung Adapter
  • 4 Pack of Graphite Exhaust Gaskets
  • Radiator Spacer Kit w/ Stainless hardware
  • Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant

Brock’s Performance Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 exhausts will physically fit the Gen 3 Hayabusa but the Gen 3 will throw O2 sensor codes unless the Gen 2 aftermarket exhaust is equipped with provisions to allow the installation and continued functioning of the new dual 12mm O2 sensors used on the Gen 3. Since most Gen 2 exhausts do not have these provisions, Brock’s Performance has developed this kit to prevent error codes and the associated poor performance when the codes (or pending codes) are thrown by the Gen 3.

Hayabusa Gen 2 to Gen 3 Full Exhaust Adapter KitClick here to purchase the Gen 2 to Gen 3 Hayabusa Full Exhaust Adapter Kit

We also include convenience items to perfect the physical fitment of a Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 full exhaust to the G3, such as Gen 2 exhaust gaskets (Gen 3 exhaust gaskets are not reusable), radiator/oil cooler spacers and corrosion-free stainless steel mounting hardware. Although developed specifically to function with all Brock’s Performance Full Exhaust Systems, this kit will also work with most Gen 2 Hayabusa full exhausts that contain an 18mm 02 bung typically used for data logging air-fuel ratios.

Please note: the 18mm bung will no longer be available to measure air-fuel ratios using aftermarket data loggers.

About the 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa

The 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa reaffirms its status as motorcycling’s Ultimate Sportbike. This new generation of Suzuki’s flagship sportbike is propelled by a muscular, refined inline four-cylinder engine housed in a proven and thoroughly updated chassis with incomparable manners, managed by an unequaled suite of electronic rider aids within stunning aerodynamic bodywork that is distinctly Hayabusa.

Riders who have owned or longed for a Hayabusa will recognize the iconic, aerodynamic silhouette that has been polished through wind tunnel sessions so the body features new vent shapes, air diffusers, and reimagined logos while a sophisticated LED lighting system achieves a new zenith of style and function.

Engine performance has been broadened so the Hayabusa accelerates quicker and smoother than ever before, while complying with worldwide emissions standards. Rider control is expanded through the Hayabusa’s Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.). The engine’s adjustable power delivery, traction control*, cruise control, launch control, quick shift and Motion Track ABS** and Combined Brake systems offer the Hayabusa rider unmatched options on how the ride will unfold.

The 2022 Hayabusa has 550 new or redesigned parts, all with a focus on delivering the ultimate and balanced sportbike experience. Motorcycle history repeats itself as all eyes turn to the Suzuki Hayabusa; another testament to Suzuki’s century of dedication to creating art while building the best performing product that is unmatched in quality, reliability and value. The Hayabusa, like its namesake peregrine falcon, soars above all once again.