Tech Talk: Motorcycle Clutch Maintenance and Performance Tuning

Is my clutch slipping? How do I know? Is it time for a clutch replacement? How do I know? While I’m in here, should I tune my clutch for better performance? If so, what do I do?

Brock turns correcting a slipping ZX-14R clutch into a master class on clutch maintenance and tuning. Watch Brock, a multi-time AMA Dragbike national championship-winning drag race crew chief and first rider/tuner to put a street legal motorcycle into the 7’s, do what he does best… find solutions to problems which make ANY motorcycle quicker, faster, more consistent and less prone to failure under high-stress race conditions.

Of course, Brock does his best to break down every aspect of this complex subject into simple-to-follow form for beginners, as well as provide content that will make many experts smile. He might even save you money on your clutch maintenance.

Grab some popcorn, as this one takes a while.

Dyno Chart

2012 ZX14R Clutch Slip Dyno Chart

0:10 – Video Introduction / Problem Explanation
1:58 – Clutch Slipping on Dyno Demonstration (POV)
3:00 – Clutch Slippage Dyno Chart Review & Discussion
4:18 – Creating a Template for Bolts Removed
6:09 – Beginning Disassembly of Clutch
6:35 – Clutch Cover Gasket Recommendations
7:15 – Preventing Accidental Clutch Lever Engagement
8:10 – Removing the Pressure Plate
9:15 – Removing the Clutch Hub Nut (27mm)
10:15 – Pulling the Clutch Assembly
10:47 – Removing Steels and Fibers from Assembly
12:23 – Inspecting the Inner Hub / Slipper Clutch Explanation
14:24 – Inspecting the Outer Basket and Backing Springs
17:15 – Installing the Outer Basket
18:00 – Drive Plates vs. Driven Plates Explanation
18:28 – Visually Inspecting the Fiber Plates
20:18 – Why Don’t You Just Install a New Clutch?
22:08 – Visually Inspecting the Steel Plates
24:04 – Checking Plate Thickness vs. OEM Spec
26:18 – Preparing the Steel Plates for Installation
27:14 – Preparing the Fiber Plates for Installation
28:18 – Installing the Inner Clutch Hub
28:40 – Installing Clutch Hub Nut
29:13 – What’s the Stack Height?
31:35 – Are You Going to Soak The Plates Overnight?
32:08 – Installing the Steel and Fiber Plates
33:45 – Installing the Last Fiber Rotated One Notch
35:08 – Installing Needle Bearing and Thrust Washer
35:30 – Installing Pressure Plate
36:35 – Installing Springs, Washers and Top Hats
37:45 – Discussing Current Spring/Spacer Configuration
38:50 – Reviewing Brock’s Spring Pressure Chart
40:10 – Checking Current Spring Pressure
43:45 – Increasing Spring Pressure by Changing Configuration
45:15 – Installing Clutch Cover
45:48 – Adding Alisyn Oil and Petron
46:10 – Dyno Test for Clutch Slippage
46:30 – Video Conclusion / What Does This Mean to You?