The Carrera 1300R – Dare To Be Different

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Ultimate Hayabusa

About Maurice Dillard

Born and raised in upstate, NY and now living in Atlanta, GA, Maurice has always had a passion for customizing motorcycles. His passion wasn’t fully embraced until the passing of his father in 2011. His father always said, “If you’re going to do something, you better do it while you still can. Don’t wait!”

Taking on his father’s advice, he calls his friend, James Freeman, of Wow Motorcycles in Marietta, GA and asked him to find a first generation Hayabusa with no aftermarket parts and low mileage. James was able to find one quickly, and Maurice started planning the bike concept immediately.

Being a long time Porsche lover, Maurice had always thought it would be cool to ride a bike that was made by Porsche, which gave him the inspiration to begin building The Carrera 1300R concept bike. We asked him to explain the build in his own words.


Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike

The Concept

I began by asking myself a simple question; what if Porsche started designing their own version of the Hayabusa? This “limited edition” version would be a sleeker looking, more powerful, performance-ready motorcycle that could crank out over 235hp. This Busa would carry the Porsche name, which is one of the top performing cars in the world. Why would this be an impossible concept considering Carroll Shelby did it with the mustang?

A lot of bike builders/fabricators build custom motorcycles, but I think they forget to place emphasis on the performance part of the bike. When I built this bike, I tried to go in the total opposite direction of what other bike builders were doing. For example, the frame and swing arm are painted and not powder coated. The front forks were disassembled and powder coated while using as little chrome as possible. The bike was to have nothing bigger than a 240 tire, and nothing longer than a 6” stretch so that it could retain its handling characteristics. The chrome that was used on the dash and bolts were just to accent some features… enhancing the look of ‘The Carrera’ 1300R. I wanted the look of ‘The Carrera’ 1300R to be a combination of track bike AND showroom floor.


The Build

The first thing I did, was tear off the stock exhaust system and replace it with a Brock’s Performance Alien Head Full System. Brock’s pipes are a true product of style and performance, and it was the only choice for my build. Once I completed the bike and started entering bike shows, I realized that the bike needed something else… a WOW factor. I wanted the exhaust system to be the centerpiece on the bike so I did some brain storming and research. I discovered white ceramic coating had never been used on a Brock’s pipe, which prompted me to coat the pipe white. The ceramic coating helped serve my two essential functions – style and performance.



This bike had gone through four different paint jobs before I finally met with owner/operator, Lorne Milz, of Overtwo Customs in Lawrenceville, GA. After my meeting with Lorne, the bike started to really take shape. I gave Lorne complete creative control over designing a paint scheme – one that would enhance the concept of the bike. I wanted the paint scheme to be stylish, yet fast looking. I already had the main colors incorporated: synergy green, white, and silver. I wanted the bike to look like it belonged on a track, but at the same time have a street feel to it. I wanted to build a bike that could not only be displayed on the showroom floor, but also cause a person to go to their dealer and say, “I want that bike with all the up-grades, because it is one of the world’s fastest production motorcycles on the planet.”.


Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike


As far as the body style, Lorne and I decided not to make too many changes because I love the look of the first generation Hayabusas. For the fabrication on the front head light, we consulted George Hatziyianis, owner of Fat300 Cycles, George designed a double-stack head light that altered the front of the bike to create a more European style look. The digital gauges on the tank are by Koso North America, and they display the same functions as my dash tach to include speed, mileage, fan control, fuel, etc… The gauges were put in a tank cover for easier removal of the electronics, so you don’t have to remove the entire tank. This feature actually gives the bike a ‘car-like’ feel when you are riding.

The Carrera 1300R will soon have some major changes as I try to get as much horsepower as possible while using pump gas. Stay tuned as ‘The Carrera’ continues to evolve.

The Carrera 1300R Highlights

  • Ceramic Coated White Brock’s Performance Alien Head Full System with 14″ Muffler
  • 6″ over Swing Arm 240 tire kit with a custom under brace designed by Myrtle West Customs
  • Double stack headlight
  • VORTEX REAR SPROCKET – powder coated white
  • Digital Gauges
  • HealTech * Advanced “smart” TRE
  • The Dynojet Power Commander III
  • K&N Air filter
  • Front tire Shinko Advance R005 120/70/17
  • Back tire PIRELLI DIABLO 240/40ZR18
  • 530×150 ZZZ GOLD CHAIN
  • Custom lighted Hayabusa Seat
  • Chrome Python Passenger Grab Rail
  • Front Sprocket Speed Sensor Switch Cover Engraved Kanji & Ball Cut Edges
  • Chrome Ball Cut Engraved Lowering Triple Tree
  • Ball Cut KJ Engraved Stem/Yoke Cap
  • Chrome Galfer Platinum Front & Back Brake Lines
  • Chrome Galfer Platinum Clutch Master Cylinder
  • Custom Chrome Engraved Exhaust Hanger Plug
  • Chrome Kanji & Hayabusa Engraved Brake & Clutch Reservoir Caps
  • Chrome Ball Cut 3D Hex Engraved Shock Access Frame Cover
  • Chrome Ball Cut Hex Kanji Engraved Swing arm Bolt Frame Covers
  • Chrome Engraved “Kanji” 3D Hex Ball Cut Motor Mount Bolt Frame Covers
  • Chrome Speedometer Gauge Bezel w/Logo and Ball Cut Edges
  • Engraved Kanji 3D Hex Ball Cut Chrome Frame Dress Up Kit
  • 27 Piece Custom Billet Chrome Kanji Hex Fairing Bolt Kit
  • Chrome 3d “H” Logo Side Tank Pads
  • Chrome Custom Fabricated Chain Guard
  • Chrome Clutch Cover
  • Chrome Stator Engine Cover
  • Seat customized by New Image Custom Seats York, PA owned and operated by Lee Gorrera
  • All Chrome accessories by Ball Z Motorsports


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Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike





Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike


Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike


Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike


Maurice Dillard Porsche Carrera Concpet Bike