The Louisville Slugger Part 1: 2012 ZX-14R Project ‘Regular Guys’

Part 1: ZX-14R Project ‘Regular Guys’


We will be following the progress of project ‘Regular Guys’ as our own Brock Davidson guides John Stewart’s personal ZX-14R, affectionately named the “Louisville Slugger,” through the simple and economical steps required to transform it from a showroom stock cruiser into a strip ready warrior without detracting at all from the 14R’s renowned street manners. In fact, Brock’s goal is to actually improve upon the bikes drivability, smoothness in corners, and fuel mileage as he also attempts to increases the overall power output by as much as 20% after slashing some serious bureaucratic red tape. And yes, he will also put the bike on a diet and make it look and sound great in the process – using only simple hand tools and no internal engine modifications.



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