The Louisville Slugger Part 3: 2012 ZX-14R Project ‘Regular Guys’

Update from 06/09/12:

Terron Babbage gets another shot on the Louisville Slugger during the NHDRO event at Lucas Oil Raceway.

Horrible conditions… BETTER result this time! Terron Babbage on Slugger during NHDRO Indy 2012. Terron Babbage heating the tire…
except at Indy this time.
Still stock wheelbase.


More people, more pressure – no problem. Terron is cracking off 8 second runs (he’s dialed 8.90 in street ET eliminations)
in the heat of the day.
We removed one tooth from the rear
(now a 39 tooth) and added an air shifter from Terron’s debut on John Stewart’s ‘Louisville Slugger’ ZX-14R from their first outing at Edgewater. The conditions are horrible, but that’s not slowing this bunch from going fast or having a BLAST!


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Part 3: Slugger Hits The Track

The boss, himself, takes John Stewart’s ‘Louisville Slugger’ out for a couple of shakedown runs in preparation of handing the controls over to “regular guy,” Terron Babbage, the following evening. But how will the Pro + Joe collaboration work out after Brock discovers some very tricky business going on in the bike’s ECU? Read on…







Brock’s Time Ticket Terron’s Time Ticket



1st – 5th Gear Test 3rd Gear Bog Test


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