The Quest to Break 8 Seconds in the Quarter Mile

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R! The Quest to Break 8 Seconds in the Quarter Mile – On Two Wheels Episode 27

On this episode of On Two Wheels, Editor in Chief of Sport Rider Magazine Kent Kunitsugu attempts to break in to the 8 second bracket. He teams up with Joey Lombardo from Kawasaki and after market hot shop Brock’s Performance in Dayton, Ohio, to see if the ZX-14R can break 8 seconds in the Quarter Mile with just a few simple bolt on modifications. Will his quest for the 8’s succeed? Watch Below!

In this video Sport Rider used the ZX-14R (12-13) Drag Race Package from Brock’s Performance.

ZX-14R (12-13) Drag Racing Package

Leading off this performance package is our most successful full exhaust system, The Alien Head™ 2 which combines our legendary race-proven performance with the distinctive look and sound of our Alien Head™ 2 muffler. Add the Dynojet Power Commander V with your option of a street map or race map and you have a professionally tuned system. This Performance Package also adds a safe and easy way to lower your center of gravity for quicker ET’s with the Radial Mount Front End Lowering Kit combined with our innovative Window Link Set. We’ve also included the Clutch Mod Kit for a smoother clutch. Whether you are looking for a favorite race day weapon or just want to impress your friends, the Brock’s Performance Package for the Kawasaki ZX-14R (12-13) is all you’ll need to take your machine to a new level of performance. SAVE OVER 10% by purchasing the package!

Bolt-On Mods Used:


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