V-Twin Expo 2014 Show Recap

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Landing Page Product BST Th BST WHEELS:

These DOT approved carbon fiber beauties are designed as direct replacements to your OEM wheels with weight savings between 40 and 60 percent. You’ll be accelerating faster, braking quicker, handling lighter and transferring less ‘road noise’ to the rider than with metal wheels. Our V-Twin series CF wheels are engineered with increased load capabilities to handle the demands of today’s most popular Harley-Davidson touring models. Currently available in 16” X 3.75” for 99-2007 FL’s, V-Rods and XR1200’s. Coming soon: 17” X 3.5” and 18” X 3.5” fronts as well as 17” X 4.5”, 5.5” and 6.0” for late model Big Twins and most Sportsters.





Our 2 into 1 exhaust systems feature classic styling without compromising power. You’ll have that clean sleek look of a 2 into 1 exhaust system with proven Brock’s Performance power; we also have a false left pipe available for a ‘balanced’ look, if desired. Our stepped head pipe design assures you will extract every last horsepower and ft-lb of torque out of your late model Big Twin. Our extra-tough ceramic coating, sprayed inside and out, not only looks good, but also helps keep heat away from the rider’s foot. Our heat shields make sure the good looks last and last. 18mm and stock O2 bungs pre-installed and plugged. Proudly made in the USA.


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Landing Page Product Swingarm Th ALUMINUM EXTENDED SWINGARMS:

Equip your Dyna with a handcrafted aluminum swingarm and shed 50 percent un-sprung weight. Unequaled craftsmanship and engineering combine in this beautiful unit featuring 360 degree oiled bronze bushings (both sides, with replaceable steel sleeves), 4” billet adjusters (0-3” over,) chain guard, and hollow 25mm or 1” axle. Quickly add readily available OEM sport wheels and braking systems (caliper hangers available) and/or upgrade to carbon fiber wheels in a snap. Proudly made in the USA. Coming soon: FXR swingarms.


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Landing Page Product Triple Tree Th TRIPLE TREE CONVERSION CLAMPS:

Convert your Dyna to late model sportbike forks and take your riding to the next level. These clamps allow you to not only utilize readily available OEM sportbike forks (GSX-R 1000, Hayabusa, etc…), but also simultaneously add the corresponding wheels and brakes. Featuring zero (1-1) rake and the stock 2 3/8 Dyna offset, we also accommodate the stock forks stops and lock. 50/54mm standard – – 50/55mm, and 50/56mm available also. Proudly made in the USA.


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Landing Page Product Filter Th SPRINT FILTERS:

Finally – High Performance Air Filters! Let us introduce you to an oil free air filter that not only filters to ISO 5011 Coarse Dust Test requirements, but also increases performance over OEM filters and aftermarket race filters. Proven by Brock himself (using our Dynojet model 250I Dynamometer) to measurably increase horsepower. You simply won’t find a better bang for your buck… and make sure to check out the water-resistant versions, for those long and unpredictable trips.


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Landing Page Product Shocks Th ÖHLINS SHOCK ABSORBERS:

You only live once, so enjoy the ride! Step up to Öhlins rear shocks and get the most out of your road miles. Not only will your trips be more enjoyable for yourself, but also for your passenger. With a wide range of shocks designed to meet all your applications, give yourself the ride you deserve.


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Aerospace technology and research invested into a 20W-50 (90w qualified) ‘Big Bike Lube’ that keeps your bike running at peak performance, mile after mile.


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V-Twin Expo 2014: Brock’s Performance Booth Display Video from Brock’s Performance on Vimeo.

Featuring numerous custom bikes, BST carbon fiber wheels, our model Heather, track riding footage, new products and much more. This video was used as part of the Brock’s Performance 2014 V-Twin Expo display, shown on a 55″ high-definition flat-screen TV.