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If you are Brock’s customer, you knew the answer right away, Carbon Fiber.

Carbon fiber is fast becoming vital to modern life, the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner contains 50% composites and recently Ford became the first major automotive manufacturer to come off the production line with a set of high-performance carbon fiber wheels for the GT350R Mustang. The strategy is simple, lower overall weight to enhance the experience. Oak Ridge National Laboratory has determined that trimming a car’s weight by 10 percent improves mileage by 7 percent and when it comes to wheels, a reduction in unsprung weight (those components not supported by the suspension) can have a significant impact on handling and performance. Discover the carbon fiber difference.

Now what are you waiting for?

How much does 15 pounds matter? A lot when it comes to wheels. Each of the GT350R’s 19-inch carbon fiber wheels are 15 pounds lighter than an equivalent aluminum wheel. Since a car’s wheels are part of what’s called “unsprung” weight, the bits not supported by suspension, their presence on the GT350R affects ride and handling enough that Ford engineers devised a unique damper calibration for the model.

The reduced rotating mass also improves braking and acceleration, although by too small a degree to accurately measure. These benefits are well-known, but until now, carbon-fiber wheels were not durable enough for a mass-produced car. Ford, however, worked with Australian manufacturer Carbon Revolution to develop a special thermal coating to withstand brake heat, plus a long-lasting black finish that, unfortunately, hides the weave. A bummer for sure.




Available for 175 sportbikes, sport-tourers and cruisers from a dozen American, European and Japanese brands, all BST wheels are constructed in a one-piece, monocoque design and utilize carbon fiber strands woven in a unidirectional format, embedded in a resin matrix, cured in a high-pressure autoclave at 250 degrees and coated with a high-gloss finish. So what are you waiting for? Get the wheels you’ve always wanted for your bike today!

Weighing between 40 and 60 percent less than OEM wheels, BST wheels bestow sportbikes with sharper corner-carving abilities, faster acceleration, and quicker braking by weighing less than their production-bike counterparts. Lighter wheels are also easier for suspension systems to control over bumps and irregular surfaces, yielding more traction and unimpeded acceleration. Less rotating mass also equals less rider fatigue.

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Rotobox’s unique, carbon fiber monocoque wheels are immediately distinguishable by five wide, elliptical spokes, smooth rim surfaces and stunning billet aluminum hubs that can be customized during manufacturing by special order.

These blank canvases beg for artistic personalization. Riders can create one-off designs with Rotobox’s palette of colors, splashy graphics, stripes and logos, all protected by a choice of matte or glossy finishes that accentuate their carbon weaving.

Beautiful even in “stock” form, Rotobox wheels’ standard color scheme includes black hubs and 90-degree, red valve stems carved from aluminum billet, with red Rotobox logos.

Rotobox’s premium European wheels, made in Slovenia’s carbon-fiber district, enable nimbler handling, faster acceleration, improved suspension compliance and more effective braking by weighing up to 40 percent less than their OEM counterparts, thus reducing unsprung mass and gyroscopic effects in cornering. They are DOT- and JWL-approved, having met JASO T203-85 safety standards that include lab-based tests measuring cornering, radial, torsional and impact performance.

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