XDA – Brock’s Performance Supports 2023 Racers

XDA: Brock’s Performance Supports Racers

Brock’s Performance continues their support of XDA as the class sponsor of the Brock’s Performance Street E.T. class. The Brock’s Performance Street E.T. class is the second largest class at the XDA. It is open to street legal motorcycles only and has a guaranteed payout of $1,500 to win, $500 to runner-up, $200 to semis and $100 to 1/4 finals and $75 to 1/8 finals.

Brock’s Performance is also a sponsor in the 2023 XDA contingency program. Brock’s Performance has posted a total contingency this year of $18,000 for their Exhaust Systems, BST Carbon Fiber Wheels, and Sprint Air Filters.

Support the companies that support your sport, and add XDA to your 2023 drag racing schedule.

XDA 2023 Contingency

Brock’s Performance Street ET Rules

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Street E.T. is open to street-legal 2-wheel motorcycles only. 3-wheel or 4-wheel vehicles and snowmobiles are prohibited.

DESIGNATION: The class designation is S/ET. All entrants must display this designation on both sides of their motorcycle by their bike number.

FORMAT: This is a 1/4 mile E.T. bracket class run on a .500 full tree. This is an all run field. All bikes must be 15.99 & quicker.

CHANGING BIKES: A racer can change his or her bike in time runs, qualifying, or before 1st round (You must notify the tower of change). The bike and rider that runs first round is the one that must be used for the remainder of eliminations, even if the class is completed on another weekend due to weather. PAIRINGS: During eliminations, once you have entered a particular side of the staging lane and come to a stop, you are committed to that side and cannot jump to the other side or move around someone. The bye-run will be pulled with a deck of cards even if there is an even number of bikes to shuffle the order. Bikes will be run side by side in the lanes. If we run out of bikes in one lane, then they will be run front to back with the front bike having lane choice. No rider can receive 2 true bye runs unless everyone remaining in eliminations has received 1 true bye run. Once we get down to 16 bikes or less, the class will be placed on a sportsman ladder based on reaction time from the previous round. Once the ladder is generated, lane choice is given to the rider with the better qualifying position.

BRAKES: Front and rear brakes are mandatory and must be in safe operating condition.

CHAIN GUARDS: Chain guards are required.

ELECTRICAL: 2-steps, delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are prohibited. Delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are not permitted on the motorcycle, they must be disconnected and removed. LIGHTS: All motorcycles must have a functional OEM headlight or aftermarket headlight. All motorcycles must have a functional OEM taillight or aftermarket taillight.

CLUTCH: Only OEM style true hand clutches are permitted. LockUp clutches of any kind (i.e., Snowflake, Gen 1, or Gen 2 style) are prohibited. Slider clutches prohibited. If you believe someone in the class is using an illegal clutch, then you must go to Race Control to complete official protest procedure.

TIRES: DOT street tires only are permitted. All tires must have visible tread. DOT slicks are not permitted.

WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars are prohibited.

ENGINE CONTAINMENT SYSTEM: An engine containment diaper with pigmat is required on bikes equipped with Nitrous, Turbo or Supercharger.

GROUND CLEARANCE: The motorcycle must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on the bike. Bikes equipped with a billet flat oil pan (not cast) are exempt from the 2″ ground clearance check.

GENERAL SAFETY: All riders must have a SNELL 10 or higher full face helmet, shoes above the ankle, leather gloves, and a leather jacket. Any rider running faster than 10.99 must also have leather pants. Pants and jacket are not required to be zipped together. Nylon or textile jackets and pants are not permitted, even if they have pads. All jackets and pants must be made of 100% leather. No ballast may be mounted to any portion of the front suspension, brake system, fender system, or rotating assembly.

Brocks Performance Supports XDA Racers

XDA 2023 Schedule

  • Platinum General Services Spring Nationals / April 21-23 / MIR
  • MTC Engineering Summer Nationals / June 2-4 / VMP
  • WPGC Bike Fest / July 14-16 / MIR
  • FuelTech Bike Bash / August 25-27 / VMP
  • DME Racing Fall Nationals / Sept 29 – Oct 1 / MIR

About the XDA –
The Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) is an east coast motorcycle drag racing series with 700+ motorcycle racers competing at each event. Every XDA event hosts professional classes, sportsman classes, grudge racing, and a vendor midway. Lifestyle activities such as bike shows, bikini contests, DJ and live bands are also held at select events. For more information on the XDA, please visit XDAracing.com or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.