ZX-10R Kit Intake Cam, Penta-Carbon and Sprint Filter Dyno Results

The Internet says that installing a cam in my 2016 ZX-10R will make HUUUUUUGE power gains!… It also said that using your see-through Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 is crazy and that buying a full exhaust system is a waste of money since the OEM Kawi head pipes are so good that I only need a slip-on… Is any of this true?

Great questions and luckily we have our friend Mike’s beautiful carbon-fibered-out 10R that just so happens to be our Sprint Filter long term test bike to figure them out with. Brock first explains what we are doing, why, and where he expects us to end up on a bike with 23,000 miles (37014 km) on the odometer that had a Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 installed at 16,000 miles (25749 km) replacing the P08 that had been in the bike almost since the day it was purchased.

So this is a content THREE for ONE as we:

1. Test to see if the Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 install resulted in a power loss from excess dust/debris entering the engine.

2. Test the difference in power/torque between a Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon full exhaust system vs. Brock’s Predator (3/4 System) utilizing the stock OEM titanium head pipes.

3. Test the power/torque before and after tuning for the Kawasaki Intake Cam.

We hope you enjoy: ZX-10R Kit Intake Cam, Penta-Carbon and P08F1-85 Dyno Results

The Details

ZX-10R Performance Options Available from Brock’s Performance:

Brock’s Performance Clutch Mod
Brock’s Performance Heavy Duty Spring Kit
Brock’s Performance Radial Mount Front End Lowering Kit
Brock’s Performance Window Link Kit
Brock’s Performance BrockSTAND Foot Kit – Track Style
Brock’s Performance Steering Damper Riser Kit
Brock’s Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Block Off Plate Set
Alisyn Less than 0W Alisyn Synthetic Oil Gallon
Petron Oil Additive 4-Cycle Lube

Time Stamps

0:00 – Intro and bike mods overview
1:35 – Kawasaki OEM intake cam mods
4:18 – Baseline dyno runs before tuning
6:22 – Discussing results and power loss
9:12 – Looking at the drop in air/fuel ratio
11:46 – Dyno runs with Penta-Carbon map
12:30 – Discussing results and map changes
15:00 – Does installing a larger cam change compression?
16:17 – Brock’s first cam install experience on an ’82 Katana
18:23 – Drop-in cam in a Harley or car vs. a sportbike
20:30 – What engine mods does a cam install require?
22:21 – Tuning the map for the current conditions
23:40 – Dyno pull after custom map session
24:56 – Discussing results of custom map
27:55 – Benefits of installing a race cam
28:32 – Final thoughts on cam and results